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    Thank you!

    I have ordered some stuff from "for claudia's sayke" for the eczema on the back of my scalp, as you recommended. I'll let you know how it works.
    I've been SO incredibly miserable with this for SO long, my husband even CONSENTED to me shaving my head if the new stuff doesn't work, so I can treat it with prescription cream I have been unable to apply! So I just wanted to say "thanks" again for the suggestion..... if it works and gets rid of this, I'll be your new best friend!

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    Oh Starr, I hope this works for you. I know the MISERY of this. Did you talk to her or just order some of the products? Is she making up something special for you? I used to use a product that I ordered online called BeeClear but it costs a lot more and doesn't work nearly as well, at least for me. And the guy who makes it is always sending emails trying to get you to order another product.

    If you've been using Clobetasol, be prepared for a rebound flare. Things usually get a LOT worse when coming off steroid ointments/creams. Hopefully Claudias products will work so wonderfully that you don't even notice any flare-up.

    After using the Heals All Rashes, (which cleared it really well), and going back to the Psoriasis Salve, I find that it is staying at a level that is better than before I had used Heals All Rashes, so I'm happy.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes.
  3. Starr913

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    Yes, I emailed her and explained what I have going on, and she recommended the revitalizing wrinkle oil, which is a facial, but she said she has used it for dermatitis on her scalp, and others have used it for similar problems, and it has worked wonders for everyone who has tried it. She also said she was going to custom-make it for me, and it was only $7 (plus shipping of course).
    Yes, my prescription cream is Clobetasol, but it is so incredibly THICK and I had so much trouble applying it to my scalp before (because of my hair), that I quit trying, so I haven't used anything on it in a long time.

    Thanks so much again, and I will let you know how it works for me!

  4. Starr913

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    Got my order yesterday and jumped right in! The label says that it's "Burdock Carrot Hair" Oil Treatment, and it's for scalp conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, and/or eczema. It is helping SSOOOOO much with the itching already! It was almost instant! Plus, even though it seems like I am having to use a LOT to treat the whole back of my head, in reality, the bottle is still almost full; I've hardly used any! So it's going to last a LOT longer than I predicted, which of course is great!
    My scalp is in pretty bad shape; a lot of skin damage from the excessive scratching; so I'm sure it's going to take quite awhile for it to completely HEAL, but now that I can STOP scratching, I should be well on my way to a healthy scalp for the first time in at least 7 years!
    Elliespad, once again, I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted on my progress!

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    Wow, she makes some really good products doesn't she? I should save all my old tubs/bottles of stuff in case she ever closes up shop and I have to get another herbalist to make them up. I love, love, love her Bay Rum Soap. After all the stuff I've tried over the years, all the drugs, all the over the counter stuff, her products work the best, for me. Who'dathunk? I'm sold.

    I had horrible scarring along/under my chin from severe psoriasis. I've been using her products for maybe 6-9 months and most of discoloration in gone. I think in all that time I've not used 2 whole tubs. (At $7 tub that's pretty good).

    I'm going to place an order in a day or two to stock up for summer.

    I'm so glad you were able to get relief, and SO QUICKLY. Let's hope it works as well for you as it does for me. I get near perfect control. Don't know what would happen if I stopped using it. Not going to try it and see.

    Good luck with it and spread the word.

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    Can you give me the name of a Pysician knowlegable about Lymes in Louisiana. Even if they are not taking new patients - thanks so much for your help
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    I responded to your question on the other thread.

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