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    I did have two sleep studies done and I do have sleep apena. I am using a c-pap machine ..when I do sleep, which is about 2 hours ever other night. I get so tired and want sleep so badly, but I just can't go to sleep. My brain won't shut is racing with thoughts jumping from one thing to another. If I get to sleep I can stay asleep for 2-5 hours ..just depends.
    The doctor gave me some samples of Lunesta 3mg. The first night I took it I slept 2 hours. The next nights (3 so far) nothing happened...stayed awake. It takes a lot of medication to have any effect on me.

    What dosage of Lunesta are you taking, if I may ask?

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    I am so sorry for your sleep difficulties. I can hear how hard it is for you.

    My lunesta was 2mgs, so I don't guess that would help you much. Have you tried xyrem? There are some members here who it has worked for.

    Abbeylee comes to mind first. You can look up her posts and see what she has written about it.

    I don't have experience with it but I seem to recall that you take a second dose at night as part of the protocol. Maybe that would be good for you .... if you are waking up anyway ....

    Do you have a strong tolerance to all medications? If so, then maybe your doctor can appove a higher dose of medication. I think lunesta only goes up to 3mgs, but I know of several people who have taken 4mgs on a extended bases. They didn' build up to it ... they started at that dose.

    I guess with your sleep hygiene, you use a sleep mask and ear plugs? They took a while for me to get use to but they really did help me. Not terrible sexy I know, but when one gets desperate for sleep somethings fall to the wayside. LOL

    I am trying to think of all the things I have taken that may have contributed to my improved sleep. The only thing that keeps coming to mind is that I had the HPA axis worked on.

    Hypothalamus*pituitary*adrenal gland axis ..... everything is in a loop together and the hypothalamus is where sleep starts. The hormones these glands control are like a set of dominoes ... one goes and the others follow.

    Cortisol ... very low dose is one of those hormones that I am taking. !)mgs in the AM has helped combat the upside down cortisol schedule.

    Have you had your cortisol levels checked? The way you describe it, it sounds like your cortisol is reversed. High at night when it should be at it's lowest. You can order a 24hour saliva test online. It would at least give you an indication of where you are.

    Growth Hormone will help get the sleep back where it belongs. I am not certain of the why's of it, but it does help. I started my last leg of my treatment plan last September and GH was on the list.

    My doctor said he was certain it was helping my sleep when I told him I thought that it was improving my ability to fall asleep. ... He said "I know it is" .... so maybe you can have that checked too?

    If you go this route be certain you have a doctor who is familiar with CFS/FMS hormone balance and can treat you appropriately. Not many traditional endocrinologist are cutting edge .... or knowledgeable in helping us.

    I feel for you. I am going to keep positive thoughts for you and hope you sleep improves soon. Our symptoms skyrocket with the bad sleep cycles we have. If it is possible to fix them, we have a chance of improving.

    Take care,