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    <b>Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)</b> is a gamma-herpesvirus that only naturally occurs in humans.

    It causes several different diseases of including; (1) Infectious Mononucleosis, (2) Lymphomas, and (3) Nasopharyngeal Carcinomas. A fundamental property of EBV is that it is able to induce cellular proliferation. This is rarely "cancerous", although EBV was the first virus to be implicated in the cause of human cancers.

    EBV, in common with other HHVs, causes primary infection, latency for life (in B-lymphocytes), and reactivation that may be symptomatic.

    The doctor told you that your EBV was a past infection that is good. He ran the test on your T-cell to determine if you had enough CD8 positive to fight off problems. To him, it appeared that you were not immunocompromised. That's good. There is more following about the T cells that will help you to understand their function:


    <b>CD8 Cell is a "T-suppressor cell" that is part of our immune system. Most suppressor T-cells are CD8 positive.</b>

    T cells are white blood cells that mature in the thymus and can become one of basically two types: CD4 positive and CD8 positive cells.

    CD's (CD= Cluster of Designation) are proteins on the surface of these white blood cells that help them communicate with other cells in our bodies to eliminate microorganisms. Without these cell surface proteins the immune system would not be able to communicate properly and would not be able to eliminate foreign invaders from our bodies. They are a very important part of our immune system.

    CD4 positive T cells are also called T helper cells. That is because they help other white blood cells like our B cells to make antibodies and they help CD8 positive T cells (T cytotoxic) to destroy cells of our body that are infected with viruses. <b>CD8 positive T cells are able to detect and destroy cells of our body that have changed and are no longer normal. This would be like tumor cells / cancer cells.</b> </hr>
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    Thanks for responding. I have a lot to learn. If my body has elevated cd8 cells must be fighting an infection...right? why doesn't my doctor just give me an antibitotic. In reading all these books I see an common thread of endocrine problem or inbalance. That is why my doc sending me to mayo. I think maybe a subacute thyroiditis (which I had once and was hell to diagnosis...but since then I have had 20 yrs. good health)or adrenal fatigue. Has anyone read the book "Adrenal Fatigue"? It is extremely interesting. I don't want to fall into trap of treating the symptoms which is an endless cycle. I have been addicted to valium and other drugs and at one time was taking 15 drugs!) I want to try to isolate the inbalance..bring it back in balance and forget about this dd..which i hope Mayo can help me do. It will be 2 solid days of testing in the endocrine unit. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.
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    Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.

    There is more and more research being done to develop good antiviral treatments. I recently had to take Famvir for surgery and I went into total remission while on it after a Herx. My doc is researching available treatments.

    Love, Mikie