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    .Hi Eve,
    I searched the web and found this. It sounds like what you are looking for. Just do a google on Ultimate
    Cleanse and you will see the sites that offer it.

    Ultimate Cleanse ® am pm

    A legendary supplement just got better!

    The #1 selling internal cleanser on the Market.*
    Gold Medal Vity-Award winner for the last 3 years in the cleansing and detoxifying categories.
    Addresses all five channels of elimination: bowel, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin.
    Two-part formula: Multi herb, featuring 29 powerful cleansing herbs that stimulate the cleansing and release of toxins and poisons trapped in the body from poor dietary habits and environmental pollutants. Multi Fiber, featuring 13 fibers and herbs that aid in stimulating bile and peristaltic action, while sweeping, cleansing, and toning your digestive and eliminative systems.
    87% repeat purchase rate.**
    (This means 87% of the customers come back and buy again!)
    The original and only clinically formulated and clinically researched complete internal body cleanser backed by 30,000+ hours of nutritional expertise.
      *Based on Spins Data (Spence Information Systems)
    **According to retailer survey.

    Subtle improvements - extraordinary results.
    Ultimate Cleanse has changed the live of thousands of people, through its comprehensive Multi-Herb and Multi-Fiber formulas. By cleansing and toning all five channels of elimination (the bowel, kidneys, lings, skin, and lymphatic system), digestion and all other bodily functions can be rejuvenated back to normal functioning. We're proud to introduce the "new and improved" Ultimate Cleanse, which features Siberian Ginseng for extra energy and for support against stress while cleansing. Ultimate Cleanse continues to be the "original & only" clinically formulated and clinically researched complete internal body cleanser on the market.

    Absorption and harmony In addition, New and Improved Ultimate Cleanse is formulated with specific "harmonizing" herbs and botanicals that increase absorption and act as catalysts, so that the ingredients work as a "symphony" together, providing long lasting benefits.
    Precision, care, and research New and Improved Ultimate Cleanse was designed under the expertise of world-renowned naturopath Lindsey Duncan, N.D.,C.N., who's formulations have become world famous due to their amazing effectiveness and natural ingredients.

    Instructions: Multi-Herb and Multi-Fiber were designed to be taken together in the morning and evening. Start with 1 tablet of both products in the morning and 1 tablet of both products in the evening, increasing intake of both products by 1 tablet every other day until you achieve 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. Once you find the correct number of tablets, you can continue with that amount for enhanced internal cleansing. Do not exceed 6 tablets of each product twice per day. Take only as much product as is needed to achieve 2-3 good bowel movements per day. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. For best results, follow the enclosed cleansing booklet.

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