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    Hey there. I've been reading your messages and I just wanted to let you know I sure hope you don't decide to leave the boards. There are plenty more good people on these boards than mean ones. I love reading your messages. You remind me of my Grandmama, who was from Georgia, and a true Christian woman. She has been gone some years now, but I still think of her and always smile when I do. I still wish her a happy birthday too. Her birthday was the day after mine. Anyway, please stay. You have so much to offer in your messages. And I for one always get a good feeling from reading them. You are a blessing to have here. And I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    God Bless,

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    I was upset hearing that you thought someone was making fun of you, so I went to the Diabetes board and read the message. I copied it below -

    "Faithful Servant 08/29/02 06:41 AM

    is no name for you- better it should be Mark Twain II. I feel you have a writing career ahead of you!

    With admiration,

    Please understand that Tika was not making fun of your spelling or grammar. She was giving you a great compliment. Mark Twain was a wonderful writer/story teller. Tika was telling you that she thought your story about Chitlins, and the history of slaves that you wrote was very good. And it WAS! Very interesting reading. You just misunderstood her meaning. So see! No reason to leave.