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    Regarding your question on the post about apple cider vinegar and IC; I'm sorry that I can't remember who it was that posted on an IC question that I had previously replied to, but apparently with IC we are not to drink anything with acid. I had thought, and had not even been told by my urologist that I wasn't supposed to drink cranberry juice for a uti because of the acid content. I had been doing this for years. I did have a list of many other things to avoid, but was just recently corrected on this, so unless you find out otherwise from a professional, or someone who is very familiar with IC, I would steer clear of the Apple Cider Vinegar. It's a shame too, I would love to try it myself.

    Oh, I just looked back far enough in my posts to be sure who it was, and it was "painache" that gave me the correct info, so you might post and ask her directly. One of the lines in her post was "One of the first lines of defence against I C is to watch your diet. NO acid drinks like pop coffee or tea." So I would be afraid to try the ACV. If you find out differently, please post to me directly and let me know. I really would like to try it too, for the weight loss, energy and it's many other benefits as well.
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