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    So don't you like your doctor? I'd love to know your impressions. I have a doctor I like now but I always want to have a back-up. Your doctor was SUPPOSED to be it!
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    I guess what bothers me the most was that my doctor has tried a few medicine combinations, which I know is a big part of the treatment of Fibromyalgia. Finally, I can say I feel ok with 900mg of Neurontin, 30mg of Cyclobenzaprine, 1600mg of Ibuprofen, 3 of the 7.5/750 Hydrocodone and 1 Oxycodone at bedtime each day. I tried other medicines like Ultracet and I had no relief. After a few months of finally finding the right combination he told me at my last visit he wants to take all the pain medicine away.

    I’m scared!!! I still have days when the pain is really bad & now he wants to take away some of my medicine. Right now I’m working a full time job & barely getting by. If my pain gets worse again then that means more days I can’t work & if I call out too much then I run the risk of losing my job. So like I said, I’m just really scared causing my anxiety & depression to get worse also.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that! I know what you mean about being worried that you won't be able to work or function. It seems like doctors prescribe the opiates to get us out of pain, then work on a cocktail that seems to help somewhat, then try to take the opiates away. I guess they just don't realize how necessary they are for some of us. It's not like we WANT to take them....we HAVE to take them.

    If you don't mind me asking, where do you live? I have a couple of friends with FM that like their doctors and I can get their names if you'd like.
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    I live in the West Chester area & if your friends, who also suffer from Fibro, could give me the names of their doctors, I would REALLY appreciate it!!! I saw that you are in the suburbs of Philly so you're probably not far from me. Do you know of any support groups for people like us. I was diagnosed just 4 months ago so I’m new to this life. I have days where I cry from the pain. I hate living this way!!!

    This is what I fear...I had my first panic attack at the age of 16 & it took me 10 years until I found my current psychiatrist, who was NOT afraid to prescribe medication. He changed my life, I was able to finally leave my home & not have an attack. It’s been 11 years & I still see him! Now I have Fibro & I am so afraid of going through the same things I went through before finding my psychiatrist. I had a doctor actually say “do you smoke? Maybe you need to smoke more” same doctor said at another visit “If I give you medicine, how do I know you are not going to sell it?” and when this happened, my mom was in the room with me. She could NOT believe it & of course my attacks got worse & I have depression also. When my psychiatrist prescribed Prozac & Klonopin, I can’t tell you how many people said “you are going to get addicted to Klonopin” so I feel like I’ve been down this road before!

    If it takes me another 10 years to find a pain doctor who is like my psychiatrist, I’ll never make it!

    You have been very helpful & kind! I hope you are feeling well!!!
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    We live really close to each other, I live in Boothwyn, right off of 202 near the Delaware border.

    I haven't found any support groups around, but frankly I don't think I want to go to them since my friend went and said she just got really depressed seeing people in wheelchairs and all crippled up. Some people were so ill they were bedbound and therefore did a conference call to the meeting.

    I too have (or I should say HAD) panic attacks, so I know how horrible they can be. Mine were definitely situational...I'm in pain all day so OF COURSE I'm anxious! I'm just fine now though, Zoloft has been a wonder drug for me. I'm also going to a biofeedback clinic at Widener University to learn some coping techniques for stress.

    If you're interested in my doctor, his name is Dr. Ken Wolfe and he's a rheumatologist in Media. His number is 610-566-8342. His office is moving down the street so they may be hard to get ahold of for a couple of weeks.

    My friend's doctor is Dr. Nancy Walker in Bryn Mawr. I don't have her number on hand.

    There's also the FFC in King of Prussia. I've considered going there, I'm just not sure if they take insurance.

    So keep my posted with how you're doing. This drop in temp today has really got me aching!


    p.s.--how old are you? Do you have kids? What's your occupation? Just me being curious:)
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