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  1. HurtsToMove

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    Hey neighbor,

    We live really close to each other, I live in Boothwyn, right off of 202 near the Delaware border.

    I haven't found any support groups around, but frankly I don't think I want to go to them since my friend went and said she just got really depressed seeing people in wheelchairs and all crippled up. Some people were so ill they were bedbound and therefore did a conference call to the meeting.

    I too have (or I should say HAD) panic attacks, so I know how horrible they can be. Mine were definitely situational...I'm in pain all day so OF COURSE I'm anxious! I'm just fine now though, Zoloft has been a wonder drug for me. I'm also going to a biofeedback clinic at Widener University to learn some coping techniques for stress.

    If you're interested in my doctor, his name is Dr. Ken Wolfe and he's a rheumatologist in Media. His number is 610-566-8342. His office is moving down the street so they may be hard to get ahold of for a couple of weeks.

    My friend's doctor is Dr. Nancy Walker in Bryn Mawr. I don't have her number on hand.

    There's also the FFC in King of Prussia. I've considered going there, I'm just not sure if they take insurance.

    So keep my posted with how you're doing. This drop in temperature has really got me aching!

  2. FibroPainSufferer

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    Sorry it took me so long to reply!!! Between the fibro, personal issues, working, and of course my doctor, I’ve been either busy or depressed!!!

    I wanted to tell you that I had some major problems with my doctor and I would not recommend him to anyone. The good news is that my mother-in-law has fibro and her doctor said he would see me. He’s not taking new patients right now but because of my husband & his family, the doctor told me to come in. His first opening wasn’t until the 22nd of this month so I took it. I have high hopes with this doctor since I see my mother-in-law doing things that I can’t do right now.

    I hope you are doing well!!! This cold weather is killing me also!!! My muscles are so tight that I could scream!!!

    By the way, my deciding factor in getting a new doctor was that my doctor prescribed Ultram for me only to find out that if I take it with my other meds...Prozac & Flexeril, I could have seizures, a stroke or death! When I talked to my doctor about the side effects he responded by saying “Just don’t take those other medicines” I’ve been on Prozac for 11 years, you can’t just stop it!!! Also, every time I go to him, I have to tell him what medicines I am talking & he writes it down. Shouldn’t this information be in my chart already??? Thankfully, it was the Pharmacist that told me about the risks of Ultram with Prozac. Now that’s bad!!! Thank God for the Pharmacist!!!

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  3. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    for wanting to switch doctors--your present one sounds like an idiot!

    Good luck with the new one, and try to stay warm!
  4. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    Hey, How are you?

    It is so cold here, I hate it!!!

    It’s been almost 5 months since I first saw this doctor & I’m still suffering in pain. And the fact that he has made mistakes on my medicines not once but twice was the final straw. I don’t know if I mentioned before but at one time he prescribed Effexor after I told him I was taking Prozac. I was the one who had to tell him that I didn’t think that was right and I was correct because I called my psychiatrist who said NO WAY!!!

    I hope you are doing well & stay warm also!!!
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    I work with a girl who has problems with her spine & neck and has endometriosis. You would never know she suffered with pain so I asked her who was her doctor. She said she sees two doctors, one is in Exton but I'm not sure where the other is. Their names are:

    Dr. Edward Kelly Jr.


    Dr. Ruggiero (Exton) there are other doctors in this practice because I saw Dr. Lee last year and when my MRI & other tests came back fine, he didn’t want to see me again.

    She said she takes Ultram for her pain & oxycontin for bad days. So if anyone in our area is unhappy with their current doctors, maybe these two can help. She said she’s very happy with both. I’m not sure which one treats what but if you look under your insurance plan, it should tell you what type of doctors they are.

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  6. HurtsToMove

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    At the present time I'm satisfied with my doctor, so I'll stick with him for now.

    I'm thinking of trying alternative stuff...just don't know where to begin. So many suggestions, so little time! I'm gonna see how people do with Cellfood, it sounds promising. I'm also thinking of avoiding MSG and aspartame. My third option to try is the guai protocol.

    I'm actually doing good today--my pain levels are directly related to barometric pressure. If it's dropping (as it did yesterday) I feel like crap. Today, though the temps are in the teens, I feel good since pressure is rising. Do you see a similar pattern with your aches?
  7. FibroPainSufferer

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    I did notice a difference today, I was in terrible pain yesterday & nothing was helping!!!

    Let me know how you make out with the Cellfood, avoiding MSG & aspartame and the guia protocol. I’m new to fibro so I don’t know what Cellfood & guia protocol are.

    I wish you lots of luck & I hope you continue to feel better!
  8. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    for those keywords you can read about the different options. Guai stands for guaifenesin, the active ingredient in Mucinex. Tons of info on it here at the board, you can also go to fibromyalgia treatment dot com and read about it. I'm leaning towards that option since a couple people on the board have had great luck with it.

    We'll see, I'll let you know if I find that breakthrough we're all looking for!

    Stay warm and pain free!

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