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    I JUST ABOUT CRIED WHEN I SAW WHAT YOU WROTE TO ENGEL. IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME WRITING IT, to the letter! EXCEPT I HAVE NO MOTHER ANY LONGER BUT MY DAUGHTER DOES HAVE CHILDREN THAT ARE GRADUATING OR HAVE GRADUATED. WE ARE ALL AVID SHOPPERS. WELL> I 9was0--- I HAVE BEEN TREATED THE EXACT SAME WAY . BASEMENT, AIR BED THAT I COULDNT GET UP FROM AND THE AIR WOULDNT STAY IN, THE CARELESS WORDS. I CRIED MY EYES OUT FOR SO MANY YEARS. AND NOW GUESS WHAT? MY DAUGHTER WAS DIAGNOSED WITH IT 3 YEARS AGO BUT IT WAS NOT BAD. SO ON- IT -WENT.-..until this year... she is getting worse and fast. i feel so bad for her. i noticed that she was starting to pay more attention to me and when she would call recently she would always ask dad to talk to me too. never did before. now she discusses things with me,invites me to go short distances with her and never complains if i cant walk. no1 i am not glad that she had to get it to realize what we go through but . who knows . i just wonder..... ski

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