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    Hello Fight4,
    Just givin' you and update and seeing how you did over
    the weekend. Are you still feeling fairly well?? Hope
    you had the energy to enjoy the weekend zestfully!!

    I saw the Doc from Your home State of Wisconsin today.
    As per usual, he had me wear that Triangular Cheese Hat
    as he wore his Packards Football Shirt # 00. Showed me
    the Pics of new Dairy Cows on his Grandfather's farm and
    apologized that they weren't in color. Made the point with
    him that Black and White would most likely turn out the
    same, even on colored film!! (And I'm the City Kid)??

    Spoke with him about the antiviral meds and he said he will
    research my inquiry and have more hopefully to add next
    visit. I am confident that he will come thru. with his
    promise as he has been consistantly reliable and actively

    Had to "breakitoff" with Cromwell yesterday as the TROLL
    was getting jealous. But I think we can still exchange
    great recipes!!

    "TALK" later,

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