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    Are you on any meds? I feel like this most of the time. Finally I just put on my walkman with favorite cds & start in one corner til I get a room done. Work is very difficult cause I cant just do that there. My nights are all tossing/turning & I wake up exhausted. Then by 1pm I need naps. Any suggestions for good nite's sleep??

    Here is a big
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    im not on meds now,i just moved here to ny,from sc,trying to get on SSD.i am waiting for medicaid,so i am always miserable,i have been denied twice,i just got a sleep is not restful,i have to take naps too.there's no way i could hold a job,in this condition,i don't see how u do it.i pushed myself too far for as long as i could stand it,then just couldn't take it there a support group where u are?there isn't one here,so i have no one to talk to about fms,cfs,etc...,my email addy is,or u could add me to instant messenger if u want.i think the hardest part is not having anybody to talk to who understands.hope to talk to you soon.~~~~glitter~~~~have a great day!!!
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    I have an appt on Thurs to discuss rx options. Wish I had done this five years ago when all this started. I have tried every otc medication to no avail. My two best friends are on either Wellbutron or Effexor & have been directing me in that direction. Will keep ya posted. Good luck in NY. Hugs, Tom