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    For what it's worth, the researcher Dr. Montoya at Stanford had tremendous success in a preliminary trial with bedridden patients using the AV drug Valcyte. According to his report, the majority of them were up and about (some even working) within a short period of time.

    This is by no means a conclusive study, of ccourse. Whether you want to try is dependent on your tolerance for risk. And from what I've been hearing, starting with a very tiny dose of AV's and then gauging reactions is far better than starting too ambitiously. (If a small dose does give you a herx, you always can back off.....AV herxes seem to go away reasonably fast, especially if your liver is in good shape.)

    This certainly is not advice. Just a comment that maybe considering them seriously is worthwhile regardless of what state you're currently in.

    BTW, which AV is the FFC recommending for you?

    Keep us informed please. I am trying to keep tabs on everyone who's experimenting with AV's, since so little is known about them with regard to CFS patients and sharing info seems to be really helpful.


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