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  1. Wolverine

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    Hi again Gary - im still very interested to hear about your Ativan experience at further length as you mentioned. Are you still on it? I take valium at night but hate the thought of benzo dependance.

    Does ativan also have the effect of tolerance and dosage increases etc? I was in hospital last nite again because i woke up with extreme weakness, chills, panic symptoms, fainting etc. Even though i do have pots and i cant find the cause, im willing to try anything that may help things become a little stable.

  2. Wolverine

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    Thanks KJ.

    I've never tried Ativan but Garys' experience sounds really good with it.

    I've tried Xanax before and theres no way in hell i'd touch it again! I thought it might be good as so many people get help from it - but personally i just got very weak and horrible feeling from it. I dont know why.

    Klonopin was even worse! When i took that - like 1/4 or 1/2 tablet first time (cant remember) due to reading on here and elsewhere that its a better one, i basically lost alot of autonomic function. I was so heavy i felt like a fridge was on top of me, could barely move my arms, and had severe delayed breathing! I would try to take in a breath and it woudlnt come.. just as i felt like i was about to suffocate the breath would finally gasp in! A very scary drug experience.

    So yeah not sure why this is with these drugs, I thought they'd be very similar. And valium itself just causes a nice relaxed feeling, calms the nerves etc. *no idea*. lol.

    Thanks again.
  3. gasolo

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    Hi Wolverine

    Ativan is a short acting benzodiazipine. It works fast and has a short half life. That is it benefit and its weakness. People with panic attack type of symptoms respond well to the drug but have to take the medication three to four times a day to prevent recurrence of symptoms. Valium is another benzodiazipine type of drug which has a very long half life and takes longer to be effective. Physicians will frequently switch over to valium to help people get over their dependence on the shorter acting benzodiazipine and ultimately only use it at nighttime. Benzodiazipines mostly work on gaba receptors in the brain. People will frequently switch over to a SSRI type of drug (Zolof, paxil, etc)when their panic disorder symptoms are stable. The SSRI drugs were a major negative for me. They caused many side effects without helping me get off the benzodiazipine type of durg. SSRI drugs work by increasing the relative amount of seratonin in the brain. Presently I using a drug called gabitril. This drug works by increasing the amount of gaba in the brain. I also take valium at night and would like to stop it. So far gabitril has lessened the night time attacks. I've been on the gabitril for 5 weeks and plan to increase the dose. No negative side reactions to his drug yet. I plan to start to reduce my night time valium in about a month.

    Ativan does have problems with tolerance and is more difficult to stop than valium.

  4. gasolo

    gasolo New Member

    Lorazepam is the generic for ativan not for xanex.


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