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  1. mrdad

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    Point of interest about Toxic possibilities. If you take
    BART along HWY.4, just SO.West along the Highway from
    Diablo are the old Nike Missle Site with the bunkers still
    there. Who knows what went on there or anywhere else.
    "Duck and Cover"!!

  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm 4th generation. The French arrived in 1862 and the
    Irish in l866. Both my Grandfathers were Fireman in 1906
    and my Dad remembered watching the City burn down from
    his back porch as a little boy. I remember watching my
    85 y.o. Paternal Grandmother crying through a sizable
    quake in the Spring of '56. Some things, I guess, we never

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