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  1. lilaclover30

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    On that wonderful page where we all met each other, you said you grew up in northwest Indiana. May I ask where?

    I live in northwest Indiana. I was born, grew up and have lived all of my life in a little town called Brook. We are about 50 mi. northwest of Lafayette, Purdue town.

    Gentle Hugs from one Hoosier to another

  2. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    Hi Joan,
    I grew up in Highland, part of the lovely region! It was a fantanstic town to grow up in! I know exactly where Brook is because I went to Purdue. Where do you live now? If you live in our old house - sorry :)

    I lived in the same house my whole life until I went to college. My parent's bought it when my older brother was 6 months old and they sold it about 13 years ago to retire to Florida. I get back to Highland infrequently but my child hood friend's parents still live on the same street - so I get to visit if they come to town.

    Such a small world we live in....
    Take care, Nancy

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