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    neurontin 08/09/05 04:44 PM


    I'm actually down to 600 mgs before bed.

    I may be feeling cumulative sideeffects for taking it so long.

    For me, I am more fatigued that ever before, weight gain
    about 25 lbs, have other odd side effects like skin ulcers.

    BUT, it has helped me with sleep. How much it has helped with me with pain, I can't tell. I did tolerate it well at bedtime only. Otherwise, I'd fall on my face taking it during the day.

    Hope this helps

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    to tania,HI again they increase my paxil to40mg from 20 mg a day i didn`t feel anything with 20mg so i`ll take 40 mg.i having so much anxiety and crying moods.but i`ll take both meds. during the night only,,,,,gmom i hope i wake up!!!!!