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    This is, probably, too soon to ask, but wondered "How goes it on the OLE?" Also, did you see the warning about not mixing OLE and Heparin..

    Hang in there,
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    Thank you taking an interest. So far, so good on the OLE. I got the 200 mg bottle and am taking 1 capsule a day with no herxing. I've been thinking about increasing it to 2 capsules a you think it's too soon?

    I haven't noticed any changes yet but I've only been taking it for a few days. Yes, I did see the warning about OLE and Heparin but I'm not sure what Heparin is used for. Isn't it only available by prescription?

    I'm doing my best to go completely natural. I've been off celexa for 6 weeks now and doing pretty good without it. Occasionally I take .25 mg of Xanax if I have too much anxiety. I also take Nexium and am hoping the Bromelain will help me so I can stop taking that too.

    I will keep you posted. Thanks again for caring.

    Blessings to You, Wanda
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    Spaced at least 6 hours apart, or you know what strength of oleuropein is in your bottle (between 6-22%)? no flu-like symptoms, yet? I started "herxing", immediately, on one l50mg capsule (at l8% oleuropein, which is the active ingredient that works on the Pathogens)...But, since I don't know your pathogen load, I stressed caution..

    I just wanted to let you know about the Heparin, which is the treatment for Hypercoagulation, just in case you were on it..

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    I did end up taking 2 capsules at lunch, one at dinner, and still no herxing. Is it really important to experience the herxing? I don't want to be sick but I would stick with it if I knew there was a rainbow on the other side.

    There is a minimum of 10% oleuropein in each capsule. Do you think I should increase the dosage already?

    When I got up this morning I noticed that my head and nose were not quite as congested. I hope it continues to get better.

    By the way, maybe I'm not feeling the bad effects because I drink oxy-up with water. I have stress induced asthma and haven't been able to breathe very well lately. My Mother in Law said this flushes out toxins and helps with lack of oxygen. I don't know about the toxins but I sure can breathe better.

    How do you know what you pathogen load is? I'm not familiar with that either but I'm learning.

    Thanks for your help.
    Blessings, Wanda

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    Well, they say, that not everyone herxs, and if you are having some positive gains,that means that it is doing some kind of work there...and wait to see if the positives keep happening..On the other hand,

    If it was me, I might increase it some more to see if you start "herxing", to make sure that it is clearing some of the "bad guys", and then pull back, to whatever level is OK for you..

    And it is very possible that if you are oxgenating your body with the Oxy-up that could be helping to clear the toxins out...but Jelly "Herxed" on oxygen...

    Which brand of OLE are you using? I had a high strength level of Oleuropein, so that could make a difference...The only way to know, objectively, your pathogen load is to test for all viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasite
    ..but theoretically, the more you have of the above, the more there is to kill, and the more "herxing" one would experience..

    The length of time I had been sick probably contributed to my "herxing" level..(about 25 years)
    You might want to talk to Pat Palmer.. She seemed to indicate to me that I might have "herxed" a lot more than usual...maybe, she did like you..

    Hope this helps,

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    I think I will try 3 capsules tomorrow and see what happens. The directions on the bottle say to take one capsule daily with meals. Does that mean 3 capsules a day or just one?

    I'm using "GNC Natural Blend OLE"..200 mg. Next time I might order from this site.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Me again. I just read an article on OLE and it said some of the symptoms of herxing can result in an exhausted feeling and aching all over. Well, I guess I've been herxing most of today. I slept for 2 1/2 hours and my body feels like it has a big toothache all over. I will stick with it regardless.

    However, it's really frustrating because I'm not able to go see my Mother in the Nursing Home. (She has Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson's). Thank God I have a sister that helps out with my Mom.

    My wonderful husband is bringing dinner home with him so I don't have to cook. He helps me alot and deserves more than I can give him. But he never complains.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Peace and Blessings,
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    You are on a fairly low dosage (at 200mg)..Most of the Olive Leaf is at 450-500mg for each capsule..They have found OLE to be safe at hundreds times the usual recommmended dosage..You don't have to worry about taking too much, just adjusting it to your level of "herxing"..

    Exhaustion and Aching are "Herxing" signs..I did not have enough energy to move around, and just stayed immobile..That is a good sign, just remember to drink a lot of water..If three capsules causes too much herxing, adjust downward to 2 capsules..I have learned to honor my exhaustion, realizing that if I feel it that much, the body is telling me to slow down, as it has to do needed repairs..I think this is what herxing is telling us..

    I am taking Prohealth OLE and I think it is of high quality..but they only have the 500mg strength, so, at this point, you may not be ready for that up gradually to it..

    My mother is in poor health, too, so I am trying to build up my strength to help out more, too...

    Have a healing day,
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    However, you may not feel like it's OKay, but justed wanted to know how you are doing..however, you may be ready to swear at me, now... It can be rough, but there is a rainbow at the end of this bad time...and I want you to see it..

    Have a Healing Day,
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    Actually, I'm doing better today..maybe it was just the normal fibro acting up. I didn't get to take 3 capsules today because I was with my Mother and forgot to take my noon supplements.

    Do you think it is ok to take 2 capsules at a time being as they are only 200 mg? I think I might experiment with that tomorrow because I don't have to go anywhere.

    My head and nose keep getting better and I'm not taking anything for it except the OLE. I'm not certain about this yet but I think my ears are beginning to drain. I've had problems with my left ear for about 2 years now. The wax will not come out on its own, I have to irrigate [not fun].

    I also take coral calcium, kelp, and bromelain. I may have told you that before.......? I know you understand if I did.

    You have been such a dear and I will absolutely keep you posted on any and all changes. Maybe with our experiences we can help others to feel better.

    Blessings of Health, Wanda
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    It probably would not be inadvisable, but once, I started Herxing, I kept the smaller dose of l50mg, spaced about 6 hours apart, but it was at l8% oleuropein..NOw, I don't herx, so I am taking one 500mg/ l5% oleuropein about every 4 hours..

    The optimal dose, they say, is 2/500mg X 3/day, which is the dose I will, eventually work up to..I think it is better to take one dose and space it apart, maybe, for fewer hours, so you have a constant dose, but not too much at a time..But, that is just me..