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    Thanks for the info! I would appreciate the womans name who wrote the book.

    I am (unfortunately) well aquainted with the disorder. My kids have been under the care of a pediatric cardiologist that specializes in this. He has done more for us than all of the other doctors put together. Also, we do pre-treat when we have dental work done.

    I am now looking into the question of the guia protocol and if it is possible that FM can aggravate or cause some of the problems that we are having. There is such an overlap with dysautonomia, lyme, fm and cfs. These are all such poorly defined entities.....I am just looking into every possibility to help my kids.

    Thanks for the info and good luck to you and your family!
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    THANKS GOLDYFM..... You never know. She might have a missing piece that we haven't tried yet. Have you thought that you might have the same problem rather than just being a carrier. That's kind of the situation that I am in. It's just not as obvious with me. Just a thought. Also, have you tried the Guia protocol.

    Thanks again for the info... hope you have a good night.