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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Hi! Very interesting post on you finding this med for nausea. Im going to look for it and see if its here in aus. I used to use another anti-histamine called phenergan for nausea too which helped but it started making me too drowsy all the next day. Does this one make you quite drowsy? I really need something as i have no appetite and am very underweight. I make myself eat anyway but i get awful pain and stay full and sick feeling for hours and hours. By the next meal time im still very full. It makes it hard to do anything else when i feel sick and heavy all the time. The only thing that would concern me is if it made me drowsy.

    Let me know! Thanks, Chris. :)
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    OK thanks heaps :)

    I found out it is actually manufactured here in australia lol! So yes i will go and get some today unless it requires a script then ill have to wait till i go to the drs. Its great news to hear that it helps appitite like that, ive been looking for something to do that for over 3 years now. I shouldnt hope too soon b4 ive tried it tho because im terribly drug sensitive. Alot of things give me palpitations, fatigue, weakness etc. You mentioned i may take pain meds - no i dont anymore. I cant tolerate hardly anyhting. Im in constant awful pain and i cant take anything for it, not even panodol (yours is called tylenol i think) not apsrin, not ibuprofen and ESPECIALLY not codeine or other opiates. I took ONE panadeine (codeine) because i had such an awful migraine last week and i was soo sluggish and sick all the next day. Lactulose makes me a bit sick too. I take alot of magnesium and that helps me go regularly. I am very prone to constipation but if i take enough magnesium im fine with that. Its more the food just sitting in the upper stomach and not gong anywhere making me sick and unable to eat more that concerns me. I had h. Pylori a long time ago but dont know if ive still got it. I take losec i think its called prilosec over there for acid yeh but not all the time because u need stomach acid to digest properly, so i only take it if i must. I was even about to try smoking pot for nausea/appetite which could be bad because i have asthma! but theres a drug form of THC called dronabinol which helps nausea and appetite but i dont know if its covered, could be expensive. What type of reaction did you have to phenergan?

    Thanks heaps! Chris.