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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MsE, Apr 28, 2009.

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    A couple of months ago I wrote that I was planning to take a trip, a long one, to Croatia.
    My daughter, who lives there, came and traveled with me on the way over. As you can imagine the combination of CFS and a 9 1/2 hour plane ride and sight-seeing did me in, and now I'm paying the price; but it was worth it. Just wanted to let you know I survived.

    I tried to post a longer message earlier today, but for some reason it didn't "take." So this short one will have to do. Greatgran, let me know if you get this. Okay? MsE
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    Its so great hearing from you.. I do want to hear all about your trip and how you are doing.
    Not sure if we are allowed to do this but I am sending you my email Hope to hear from you soon and want to know if the HRT is still working. At this time I am going thru a lot of anxiety and depression.. Waiting to hear.. gg

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    Message in the mail, Greatgran.

    Sorry to hear you are dealing with anxiety and depression. Major hugs to you. Yes, the HRT helped both a lot, as well as the exhaustion. But I had to quit for a while because it was causing my already dry eyes to dry out more, and I started having yeast probems and uterine pain. Not good. I hated to quit because I felt much better as far as energy goes, etc. Such is life. Every time I find something I think is going to help, it backfires.

    Anyway, watch for my letter. Hugs MsE
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    Thank you, hope you get my message..let me know if you don't , my computer is acting up.. Hugs, gg