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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MsE, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Hi Greatgran and anyone else reading this. It has been a longtime since I have visited this site though I post fairly regularly on the ME/CFS and FIBRO board. Greatgran, I left you a message there to come to this spot, which is more appropriate for leaving this kind of info. Hope you see this.

    We have been talking a bit about whether or not a bit of estrogen helps bring us older women (I'm 74 now) back to life. My late experiment has indicated it does. Over two weeks and much better!

    So here is the news. I think I told yu my daughter and her husband retired in Croatia last summer due to an inheritance they received from his mom. They are gifting me with an all-expense paid trip to Croatia. I have known about the offer for months, but was so worried that I would "fold" enroute or after I got there and have to be shipped home after cremation or something ghastly. :)

    However, I am feeling so much better and am so tired of watching life pass me by, that when she again offered to come and fetch me and make all the arrangements for a month with her and her husband and doggy in Rovinj, Croatia, I decided to bite the bullet and go. I don't want to end up in my rocking chair in a few years wishing I had taking advantage of this opportunity. The worse that could happen? A Croatian hospital, I suppose. That would be another adventure.

    But I'm not going to think about that. I am praying nightly for strength, I am talking about it to everyone so I put myself in a position that I would be embarrassed to back out, and I had her buy trip insurance for me "just in case" at the last minute I'm sofa-ridden again.

    Greatgran, Google Rovinj, Croatia on Google Images and you will see why I want to give this a go. It is an absolutely gorgeous place right on the Adriatic sea across from Italy. I will be going in mid-March and returning April 20, so the weather should be in the 50's and 60's--maybe 70's. You know how I am about heat, so my daughter, who also understands my lousy thermastat, arranged this for a time of year before it gets hot.

    While there, we will take a trip to Venice, probably into Austria, maybe Hungary, and definitely other parts of Croatia.

    The initial fear is gone, and now I am just terribly excited. I know I could run into major trouble, but Kathy, my daughter, is the daughter who completely understands ME/CFS. I sent her a bunch of stuff to read before I agreed to this because, as I told her, "I want you to know exactly what you are getting into." She wrote back, "Don't worry, Mom. I totally get it."

    Then she outlined a very easy schedule complete with lots of sitting on the patio on difficult days and wandering into town only after I felt better in the afternoon. Any side trips will be by car, and I won't be the driver! Those will be arranged, she says, to fit in with my "good days." Since I am having lots of those lately, I have my hopes up. Maybe that is foolish, but I do. I NEED this trip, Greatgran. It will be a test of my bravery, and it may be the last one I get to take. I NEED to do this.

    So, that's my news, dear Greatgran. I hope I hear back from you about this. Again, I don't know for sure if it is the estrogen that is making such a difference--especially in my emotional and mental state--but I think it is. Write! Love, MsE

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    In hopes that Greatgran sees the message. MsE
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    Greatgran, this is my last bounce. Hope you get my message. MsE
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    Sorry, I missed your post , thanks for posting it on the cfs board..I am so HAPPY for you. I can't imagine being able to go 50 miles from home alone much less what you are about to do. Something has really helped.

    With your determination I am sure you wil be able to do this and have a great time. It's wonderful to hear your fear is gone and you are excited. It couldn't happen to a nicer person...You deserve this I am sure the hrt must be helping also your strong will of mind.

    There is nothing foolish about this, it will be wonderful for you and your daughter will be there. She sounds so thoughtful, does she have children ?

    My prayers are with you and thank you so much for your update. Now stay in touch till you depart. Then after if you can.

    You have given me hope as I sit her so tired of doing nothing while time is passing me by. There is so much I want to do , just simple things.

    My prayers are with you, I will ck the chit chat board more often so please post me often before you leave.

    I am going to google now,
    God Bless, and MY Prayers,

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    I have just googled the paradise you are going to visit. It is beautiful..
    I know you will be ok..

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    Glad you got my message, Greatgran, and I appreciat your vote of confidence. I'll write again with an update when it is closer to departure. And, thanks for the prayers. I know I'll need them because although I feel much better, I'm not well. But determined. Definitely determined. Warm hugs, MsE
    PS. Yes, Kathy has one son, age 23, who lives and works in the Seattle area.
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    Thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. Hope you are still doing ok and have started packing. Keep in touch. gg
  8. greatgran

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    Just bumping my last post.. GG

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