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    Gwen, I posted this in response to your question under the Klonopin thread but I thought you might not see it.

    Love, Mikie


    Magnesium Taken At Bedtime... 11/15/05 06:19 AM

    Works to heal muscle tissue. If taken with calcium, they will bind together and not as much magnesium will be available for muscle repair. The ZMA sold here says in the directions not to take with calcium.

    Phosphates will also bind with the calcium--another reason to take the calcium by itself. If taken with meals, it will cause phosphate debris to be excreted through the intestines, according to Dr. St. Amand, the father of the Guai Protocol. This keeps the body from storing the phosphate crystals in the soft tissue.

    Minerals should not be taken too close to Neurontin or Klonopin as they can hamper their efficacy.

    Love, Mikie
  2. GwenGlo

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    That is what I was thinking about but could not recall any of it. It helps me since I've been taking magnesium that way. And another thing I've begun to notice is that I hardly get any headaches anymore. Some things are good.

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