To Hangininthere and all cat lovers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MamaR, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I need to vent as i sit here in tears. I have been up since 5:00 a.m. with is now 9:45 p.m. and I don't think that I can take it much longer. The meds are not working! I just don't want to call anyone to talk...they don't understand. I know there are so many of you out there that are in need, but i need to talk to a cat lover!!!

    I managed to sit here for a bit and saw where someone posted a message to HANGININTHERE about the loss of their precious cats.

    Well, you see I lost my two cats from old age. I had to put my "Bitsy" down because she was in such pain. I did this about four years ago before I got so bad...but my last one... named "Miss Kitty" was aging, but we greived together. It was so amazing to see how she changed from not being a lap being a lap cat! She especially would get up on the bed when I was in my worst pain...just like she knew it!

    She would come up to my face and sniff me and curl up really close to me! It was such a comfort. I ahd to put her down a year ago because she had cancer. It was so hard on me. I said never again! But, if I could care for one I would get another. At times like this I feel so alone. My husband works 3-11 and he is the only person I can talk to about this.
    I guess I'm finished complaining now...I feel a bit better emotionally by getting it of my chest.

    Love you guys

    I just updated my profile to show my cats. It isn't a good one of them, but will put better one on when I can scan it in.
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  2. Musica

    Musica New Member

    You certainly weren't complaining at all! It is hard when you are in such pain and lonely, to boot.

    I am a cat lover, and I understand the loneliness of not having a furbaby around, but the heartbreak that goes with losing one and being afraid of it happening again. I think it takes time to get over such a loss and reach a decision for yourself as to getting another furbaby. For me, it was about 5 months, not because I planned on it after that time but because I was going through a pet shop and just knew I had to get Monte. It will be devastating to lose him, but it was so lonely coming home to a totally empty house. Pets really do contribute to our overall being, and the love they give us is so special.

    It sounds like you are coming to a point where you might be ready to get another cat. I hope so, because they are such good companions, especially with your husband working 3-11. And it would be good to know that there is one more cat who has been adopted, and into a good and loving home!

    I do hope you will find relief from your pain.

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  3. cosmoo

    cosmoo New Member

    I hear you loud and clear, there is nothing like the comfort of a cat when you are in pain. Indeed they do seem to know when you are at your worst. I have one who one day when I was throwing up in the bathroom came cautiously into the bathroom and lay down next to me-snuggled right up and stayed there with me for the next 30 minutes while I continued to get sick. He got up and streched when I finished and washed my face then followed me back to the bed. They are amazing animals.
    I had to put my sweety to sleep last year, she was 18 years old and had been an anniversary gift from my husband. I do miss her, but at a time this year when I considered that life was no longer living if it was only going to be all pain, two new babies came into my life. They are brothers-Larry and Moe and they are clowns just like their namesakes. They forced me to laugh when I din't think I could and just having them seek me out for snuggling brought me back from the edge of despair. They really do know when I am at my worst and never leave my side. In some ways it has been easier having two because they can entertain themselves when I don't feel up to throwing a toy.
    Do consider getting another one cause as you know there is nothing like them for hugs and comfort.
    I am sorry you are feeling so bad, I will pray for you and pray that a new four-furry feet of sunshine will find your lap soon.
    Paws and kisses
  4. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I went in to update my profile to show my kitties! My computer went crazy for a bit. Anyway, I came back to find your posts and want to say THANKS SO MUCH for the encouragement. I really do want to get another kitty...maybe two. I just have to get a bit stronger. I have been in such a flare for so long now I can barely take care of myself right now. I go in for tests on Friday. They will do MRI, etc. I think that I have found a doctor that wants to help me!

    God Bless You all...and everyone out there that cares. I feel like we are family!

  5. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I just saw your post. I feel bad that I probably made you sad as I was!! I know the saddness! I am like hurts so bad sometimes to remember them....but then sometimes it helps! I also had to see mine be put down and it was HORRIBLE. But, they were suffering and I couldn't stand to know that either.
    I hope you do well if you move.

    To your mention of asperin. I am allergic! I can't take any codiene based meds either. I am in a fix! But, it will work out somehow.

    Thank you so much for responding. It is always good to talk to you!
    I updated my profile to show Bitsy and Kitty. It is a old pic and I'm alot older now...but only one I had on computer for now.

    I loved them so much.. as you did yours.

    I just appreciate all you guys SOOOO much!

    God Bless...MamaR

    HANGININTHERE....I am back...we must have been posting at same time. I have found a good doc and go in for my tests on Friday!
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  6. Musica

    Musica New Member

    Thank you for sharing your kitties! I have a gray and brown tabby, and he really is my special baby. Sometimes, I wonder if I should have gotten his sister, too, but I was in an apartment and shouldn't have even had one. Fortunately, the owner liked me and let me keep him. Before that, I had adopted an all black cat who had been left in the apartments. She always remained a little nervous. She would get in my lap, although never wanted to be held, so it was so nice to get Monte, who loves to be held and cuddled!

    Is your pain level getting any better?
  7. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I know this is easy to say, but I'd strongly urge you to get another animal. Goodness knows many of them need good homes! My big 25 pound fluffy butt calico Beatrix is my closest buddy. I'm new to the area, and my husband works 12-15 hours daily, and me and the lovely Mrs. B spend much time together as I'm juuuust left of housebound right now.

    I know exactly what you mean when you talk about them "just knowing". I don't know if its a pheramone thing, or if there's just such a deep connection there....My girl is a very independent puss. She is NOT a lap cat, though my husband can pick her up and hold her for a while....she'll usually tolerate that for a minute or two, just because she knows he'll keep holding onto her if she resists! LOL

    But when I'm at my worst (oddly, seems to always be on the couch in the living room), she somehow just actions aren't really any different, but she can tell I need solace. Exactly as you describe, she'll hop up and wedge her fluffy self into the extra 2 inches on the couch...then smoosh as close as she can to me, and purr and sniff me like crazy. Very unlike her normal "you do your thing, and I'll do my kitty thing right by you, but not on top of you" attitude.

    So, Yes....I've had animals I've had to put down, and its so bad its like grieving any other loved one....but the best thing you can do in my opinion is get another animal to love. It has been proven again and again...often by those who start out totally disbelieving the phenomenon...but being close to an animal and petting...very very healing stuff!

    If you're having a rough time and don't think you could handle a rough and tumble kitten, there are MANY survivor animals (adults) from Katrina who lost their families....I know a few people who've been able to open their homes to a displaced animal. Otherwise, there's always big adult kitties at shelters...and they're much more mellow and snuggly. Plus, if you really want a "lap cat" (which is what I was looking for when I got Beatrix...that's not her style, and I wouldnt change her for the world, but nothing like a purring fluff who likes to lay with you for comfort! LOL)you can see the demeanor and personality of an adult animal. You're really giving an unwanted animal a home, too, since so often people are only looking to adopt kittens.

    So, you have my suggestion! No reason to be lonely if you can get yourself a fluffy bundle of love for the price of some kitty food. And if its the litter issue you're worried about dealing with...those self cleaning litter boxes are a dream!

    I'm so sorry for your loss, but I hope the fact that there's other animals to love out there makes you feel a bit more hopeful!

  8. orachel

    orachel New Member

    ...every time I say something to my girl, she talks back to me! LOL...hubby too! Shes still waaay skeptical of my stepchildren because she only sees them on alternate weekends, but she'll chat away with them too. We do treat her exactly like another child in the sense that we know she needs individual attention.

  9. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I went an rested on the couch for a bit. The pain is worst in my left side..going down into my legs. It is shooting, sharp pain. This has gone on all and on. If not better by tomorrow I might have to call the doc.
    But, thanks to you guys...I feel better mentally!!
    Just you all sharing your experiences with me makes me smile!!

    Thanks :)
  10. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Thanks so much for telling me about your sweetie.

    I know that there are so many that needs homes...that is what makes me so sad. I want to have a big 20 acre farm and get every one.. have them spayed, feed them so they are NEVER hungry again..... and love them!

    I am going to go as my hubby just came home!!

  11. Sue50

    Sue50 New Member

    I have a siamese cat that is just wonderful, so much love from her, please consider going to the humane society and rescue a kitty when you are able, cats are great pain relievers :)
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  12. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    This morning I was scared to get up because my older cat Molly had been so sick over the week end .. we took her to the vet Monday morning and she was a bit brighter so the vet was fairly sure she was over what ever had put her through the mill .. but then yesterday afternoon she slowed down again and wouldn't eat .. I think it was the stress of going to the vets .. she really "Told" the vet what to do with the thermometer and little light .. so she was extra tired from that experience.

    I went to bed at 5 PM .. just a mess from the worry and stress of it all .. she is 14 and that awful thought hung over my head.

    So this morning when I opened my door I steeled myself for "anything" .. but she was there with my younger kitty ready for a bit of breakfast .. she ate a little .. had her drink from the bathroom tap ( she is nuts for a little stream of water from the taps ) ..

    I think she is going to be alright .. other wise we were to bring her in for blood tests and IV at the vets today and that would have really upset all of us.
    I'm so grateful she is a little better .. but I know how you feel .. my gut is in a knot thinking what may come down the road.

    I'm so happy to hear from other cat lovers on here as well. They are special .. nothing against dogs at all, but when a cat loves you back .. there is nothing like it ..

    My Molly's picture is in my profile .. both of my kitties are Calico .. extra personality package with those girls !
    MamaR I hope you feel better soon !
    Thanks for sharing !
    Fudge : )
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  13. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    if I were you. I know the heartache of losing one. I lost my half-Siamese cat, Felix, eight years ago. I had him for 21 years. The vet said Felix was the oldest patient he ever had. It was so hard to lose him, but I couldn't have him suffer.

    I was single at the time and going home to an empty house was unbearable. I went to the Humane Society a couple of weeks later and adopted two female cats that were several months old. I was still working full-time back then and I thought it would be good to have two to keep eachother company while I was gone.

    Now I am married and my husband has learned to accept my love of cats. We ended up with another cat-a stray that was hanging around our house. My husband really didn't want a third cat, but winter was coming on and we couldn't find a home for him. Now this kitty is my husband's favorite.

    They say that pets are such good therapy for us, especially those of us with disabilities. I know when I am not feeling well and need to lay down, it is such a comfort to have my kitties around me. They are the children I was never able to have.

  14. Txslady

    Txslady New Member

    get another cat. I have lost several in my life and it is like losing a child, however, I cannot see me being without a cat or two or three, etc. When I am stressed and in pain I find petting the cats make a world of difference. When you pet them you forget about your self and I think this is why they are always there when things are bad. When I was sick from gallblaader surgery my little princess was at my side or in my lap from the time I got home until I went back to work. When I cry she is there rubbing the tears from my face. When I am with her I seem to forget about my problems. She will stay with me until the worst has passed everytime.

  15. kbak

    kbak Member

    I'm a major cat lover!! I've had cat's all my life. The last cat I had, her name was Miss Kitty, was more special to me than any cat I ever had. I lost her last yr., and I thought it would kill me! I just took in a stray. I really didn't think I would do it after losing Miss. Well with winter coming, I softened up and took the cat in. We named her Babe.

    I know having an animal, weather a cat, dog ,bird, ect, is very healing, body and soul. So ya, when your having a crummy day, having that nice warm furry body cuddle up with you, (priceless!).
  16. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Thanks gals for the encouragement! I tell all are so on target about the cats being so compassionate. I will probably not be able to stay away from a needed one very long. I have always had one in my life!!
    I was so down mentally last in pain, but, after all the ladies on here responding to me could I stay down?

    And then, I finally check in today and you guys are there! I think that we cat lovers can relate. I love dogs too...but I have a special place in my heart for cats.
    I always have. I am sure the dog lovers get their needs met just as much by their dear doggie friends!

    We have a granddog...Chainsaw...what a name, huh? He is part Pitt, but the smartest, big baby you would ever see.
    My daughter-in-law couldn't have a baby, so she trained this dog from a pup to be almost human!
    We all are blessed to have animals apart of our lives!

    I appreciate all of you....Mari
    P.S. In case I don't check in for awhile, I thank everyone for caring!!!!

    OH...Fudge43...I saw your beautiful calico is so sweet! I love the pic.

    And... had a cat named Miss Kitty also. Is it because you live in Wyoming? I love Wyoming!! We have gone there many times...didn't want to leave.
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  17. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Too bad you didn't live close, i need to find a home for my five babies. Kids have played with them since born and 2 of them started to purrr at 4 weeks!!!
    Orange stripe
    charcoal stripe
    black calico
    and, a white, and gray stripe,

    She got prego, right before her fixing appt. RATS!! She is a barn cat, but she came in the house and tried to have her babies right in my lap!!!!
  18. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I just saw your pic of your sweetie! Is she the mom of the kitties? I had one just like her when I was a little girl...her name was Tinkum (for stinkum).

    Where do you live? I always worry about kitties up north. I lived in Chicago area, and I always would think of the strays there... out in the cold!
    If more people were like us there wouldn't be so many...right?

  19. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I lost a beloved cat, Elliott, in 1/7/98 from sudden death. He was 9 years old, but had been sick with an unknown illness 9 months prior to his death. All the vet could tell me was he had a low white count.

    I put him on vitamins and he started to eat and act normally again. It was a shock when my husband found him dead on the sidewalk.

    Then I lost Smokey, on 10/14/01, from sudden death. He was inside only cat, 14 years old. We had had him from when he was 5 months old, was a stray.

    We have Biscuit, who is 11 years old now and doing fairly well. She isn't a lap cat for me, but is for my husband. She is inside only and so far hasn't any health problems.

    Our track records with cats living a long life isn't good. I tell my husband, that when Biscuit passes on, I'll want to get another cat or kitten. I don't think he does, though. I don't worry about this because Biscuit could live a lot longer, but the thought of not having a cat does not make me very happy.

    Since my husband does the litter boxes and feeds Biscuit in the morning, I don't seem to have much say as to if we get other cats or not.

    I pray Biscuit will have a long and healthy life. I'm sorry about your cats. The loss never seems to go away.

    I just put my cat's pic up on my profile and took my photo down. Biscuit has one brown eye and one amber/green eye. She can see fine, just looks a bit spooky. lol[This Message was Edited on 11/08/2005]
  20. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    ... This has been so nice to read from all the "cat-lovers" .. today has been a good one .. my Molly is feeling much better and eating well, so even with reservations I'm breathing easier .. I know it has to come some day but I want to stop thinking about it for a while and just enjoy my kitties ..

    Some day I'm going to get both girls to sit nicely for me and get a picture of the two of them together .. they both have the same almost harliquine faces .. half light half dark. Lucy my younger was adopted from the humane society over 6 years ago .. my heart went out to all the older cats there .. but since Molly would NOT ever accept an adult, this was what we had to do .. Molly still considers Lucy an inferior addition to our cat clan .. but .. every once in a while, they PLAY and chase each other and that is so nice to see.
    I'm so sorry for all the sadness when our little ones have to leave .. but they give us with so many good thoughts and memories .. I appreciated it so much !
    Glad we all had this chat ! Thank you !
    Fudge : )

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