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    I just wanted to say how very happy I am that your health and energy is improving!

    That is so wonderful - that you can now walk round trip - a half a mile to the store. That is fantastic!!!

    I take 2 of the supplements you take and am keeping the other 2 in mind to try at some point.

    I love seeing your posts - they're always so kind and supportive - and you give so much here. Like with katemac,
    you gave her such great advice about going to the E.R. right away.

    In a very late response to something you wrote to me about staying away from toxic relatives - I am glad that you are protecting yourself.

    I feel sad too that I can't have family closeness - a good kind.

    I hated what your relatives said to you about being a hypochondriac!!! THat makes me furious. My brother said to me that he will not believe I have anything wrong until he sees pure scientific proof. Same thing. Who needs that?

    I love the way your 'eccentricity' is 'individuality' - being a unique person. I read somewhere that you said you pick up things from the road that might cause accidents on your way to the store. That is such a wonderful image - it makes me happy just picturing it.

    I'm so glad that you're here on the board. I've been thinking that for quite a while and am glad to finally be able to tell you.

    God bless.

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    Hope this is a good day for you.

    I have to say about your sister's response to your medical proof, that it is such a cruel way to behave to you!
    She doesn't believe the Dr,'s response, for you AND your son!!! That is strange as well as cruel - to go to such fantastic lengths of denial. Maybe she is just set on putting you down, as you said.

    It is so sad for all of us when we don't have family support! Is your son sympathetic? Sorry if I'm being too nosy.

    I know what you mean about 'laying low'; I've used the same term myself. It always makes me laugh a little, but it's necessary for some people.

    I've been using probiotics for years - I had extreme IBS, with very painful spasms, leaky gut syndrome, all that stuff. And, happy to say, I'm completely cured. I also had food allergy tests and avoid those foods.

    The garlic my cfs Dr. told me to take for years, and I did on and off, but was encouraged by what you wrote, and have started it again, slowly. It will be good for my mold allergy.

    The olive leaf I think I will skip if it causes any depression. I have chronic depression, I take anti-depressants, so that would not be good for me.

    I started just a little of salmon oil - because I know the fish stuff is important. I also take a memory supplement with a whole bunch of stuff in it - gingko biloba, MSM, and other things.

    The grapeseed I'm really interested in. Need to learn more about it, and make sure it doesn't conflict with anything else.
    Isn't it wonderful that things that used to be considered 'folk remedies' are now scientifically researched for all their benefits - plants and seeds - it's amazing how they work and heal.

    I learn SO MUCH from this support group. The people here are so smart in their researching and sharing info.
    And are SO kind and supportive and loving. What an absolutely wonderful group of people!!! Being here has so much healed my feelings of isolation.

    God's blessings to you,
    Keep well.
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    How are you doing?

    You asked about my food allergies. I am completely allergic to wheat and all gluten grains - oats, rye, barley,etc.

    Wheat is the most common allergen - for you to test that whole food group, just eat rice and potatoes to compare.

    Also allergic to dairy, have switched to goat milk and cheese which is delicious, sheep cheese and yogurt.
    Used soybean stuff for awhile, but then bacame allergic.

    My main allergy is mold/fungus/yeast. Lately, my lips keep swelling up no matter what I eat, and that's my signal that I had to start taking Nystatin, and immunotherapy drops(used to give myself injections)

    Never had any of these allergies before cfs. It's been about 12 years now since I got sick. I'm positive that my stress levels from ptsd greatly cause damage.

    That is so terrible and strange how your family treats you about ANY and ALL of your illnesses. I think you're right that they've placed you in this role of scapegoat. I have read the book you mentioned, too. I can so relate, also being the scapegoat; and if the people are sadly determined to see you that way, they will keep distorting reality to keep you in that role. That's what gives that Twilight Zone feeling!!! For me, having my reality denied and completely invalidated.

    (sending this part, so I can go back and finish reading your post)

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    I'm so glad that my post got through last night.

    Just came back from my blood tests - results on Friday.
    I'm so hyper from fasting - have to get my blood sugars level again.

    Hope you're having a good day today!

    Talking about people believing we're sick - - I think the name can influence to some degree people's perceptions.
    It just says we're fatigued. I like the British Myalgic Enceph....? More impressive.

    Can't believe I did it again! :) Going back to read the rest of your post. I forgot again it's not all there on the screen. (duh)
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    finally got things straight.

    About your son, it does sound better not to express or complain as much as possible. Maybe he is also just plain worried about you.

    I have to say the story about fasting and climbing a mountain is so funny - it has me chuckling and smiling everytime I think about it. I'm trying to picture how high the mountain was that this guy climbed!

    Today I was so glad to be able to walk in and of the Dr.'s
    without limping too much. I've been taking Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM for joint pain - builds up cartilage,
    and SAM-E for tendonitis. And made up a rice sock to put in the microwave. HOW COMFORTING. With all those things, I see some improvement.

    Actually, even comparing all the very many symptoms of CFS,
    the severe PTSD is the worse thing I have to deal with, by far. Your bipolar must have been a long, hard journey. How have you learned to deal with it? I am constantly either dealing with depression, major anxiety, recurring nighmares, startle reactions; such a long list of emotions to try and balance out. Then, going to therapy, I am purposely digging up more memories to try and heal.

    It's wonderful how much your husband does! Your household sounds like one very much filled with grace and love.
    Sometimes I think it's all the cracks in our lives that open us up to God the most - the things we can't fix.
    That's how it is for me.

    Well, going to take a nice rest now.
    Blessings, Judy
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