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    Hi - A Belated Merry Fritmas to you!

    I loved reading your post about your Christmas Day. It sounded cozy and good.

    The part that really made me smile was your 'air guitar' playing with your son to his music. That is so adorable.

    I just read that you are a new Grandmother. Congratu

    lations!!! I know you were so looking forward to it. Thank God the baby is healthy, and your daughter is well.

    I hope you're feeling okay - it's so unusual for you to be off-line.

    It was amazing to me that the post we had which started off with expressing painful feelings about Christmas melted those very feelings! It was so much fun to be able to be playful - it was a side of me that I was so happy to see come out. I truly believe it was God's special healing gift to me. Thank you for being part of it.

    I had a wonderful, cozy Christmas with my husband, Paul. I had the energy, after resting a lot to make us a wonderful meal. Roasted turkey legs, gravy, sweet potatoes, mashed pot. and stuffing and peas w. onions. We enjoyed it so much.
    And a good apple pie for dessert.

    I got to dress up a bit which felt wonderful. I wore a rich wine colored shirt over a black turtleneck and black pants. Paul had given me a silver necklace with a malachite stone which went with the outfit perfectly. It felt so festive.

    Also our Anniversary is the same week, and a big bouquet of Peruvian lillies and a card that had words that were more important to me than anything I could think of.

    I kind of got a pretty bad allergic reaction midway through all of this - got sick and had to rest.
    But I cherish all the good things and really savor them!

    Sending you blessings,

    p.s. We also watched 'Pygmalion' - the original one with Wendy Hiller and Leslie Howard. Lots of fun.
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