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    I read your great profile.......

    You mentioned having to deal with Tourette's. This is something I have been searching and not very long. My nephew's 4 yr. old might have Tourette's. A marvelous preschool teacher noticed it. He is being tested for many things right now and no conclussion yet.

    Any advise or hints on dealing with such?

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    How wonderful you are. Thanks for taking time for a concerned Aunt. He has a real supportive family and friends group...which all are willing to accept what ever it is and all willing to help in any way if they can.

    I realized that I have not been with him as much as I wished I had been. I did not notice this. I only saw a normal 4 yr. old (5 in July), active,bright, loving and interested in much.

    My sister in law points out to me that he has "always" drew his little fists up to both side of his lips as if he is going to strike. He still pulls his hands up to his face in fists. They are telling me that he will be talking about something and then says, "I am going to stab you" (or like things) and go right on talking about what he was saying. Just as if he never said it. He also has picked up the words like "Butthead"...that he throws into the middle of his sentences.

    He is being checked now for everything, not only Tourettes, but Aspberger (SP?), learning problems..yadda yadda. I have to check with his mother, I think they rulled out Asbergers.

    Someone said that sometimes there was Parkinson disease in the family (my mother, his parternal great grandmother). Also one sign of slight case is someone that just has to pick and loves tearing up paper (his maternal great grandmother). We were always felt endeared to her for her passion at that. She really loved paper table cloths that you use at picnics and such.

    I am gathering that you do not try and correct such? As long as it hurts no one as it is not corrected that way.We have to find out what is reccomended. Yes, we love his teacher for being so observant and is so caring. We are blessed there. I guess the early you start with this, the better his future can be.....thanks again......Hugs.....Susan
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    I am sending info to my nephews wife. She is very interested in getting her son the best help she can. Very open minded and all. A real sweetie.

    You know I can almost see myself in some of this. Yet I do not have Tourette's,,,, or think not (LOL).

    I remember my youngest son started doing the shoulder thing and would stretch his neck would keep swAllowing and his mouth would curl up sideways. He was 8 yrs. old. I was going through a divorce from his father and son was so positive about everything, too much so! Did not want to talk about it. I called his teacher and mentioned it and asked her not to ask him about this tic, etc.

    I had been turning down my friend that wanted to give me a kitten, hers had another batch. I went and got one and took it home.....and gave it to my son. He was thrilled, took kitten to bed and all. Before that time I would not allow them to have pets in their beds (seems funny that I was that way now). I would hear him in his bed talking and talking to his new pet. The tic went away!

    Now if this was only that easy for my nephews son! If this is his final diagnoise (Tourette's)we are concerned about his social and working life as he grows.

    I do think people are more and more understanding and broad minded then in the past.TV and all brings us many walks of life. thanks again and HUGS........Susan

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