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    I happened to look at your new picture- so good to have a face with the name! Sorry I can't do likewise- I don't have a digital and I'm just not very computer savvy!

    How is the gluten free cooking going?

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    I've been looking for you!

    Glad the baking is going well- you're getting to be a pro at this stuff! Let me know if I can be of any more help....

    My dad has his pacemaker now and is much better, thanks. He doesn't really follow what the doctor told him, but he's stubborn about health issues......he knows more than the doc! They are planning to come out and see us this summer- can't wait!

    My son is doing well healthwise....he still has some depression issues. He got a call from a recruiter from the Marines this week and had agreed to an appointment with him. We told him to cancel it, because he is naive......we think he would have signed on the dotted line! This guy wanted to be his friend and I know my son needs friends right now. No job yet, but some good leads. He is seeing a counselor, who is helping him work through his issues and is a that's good. I think it will just take some more time. Thanks for writing back!