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    Sandy -
    You replied to my "arm/leg weakness" post and I am so glad you did. I have been in the dark place of suicidal thoughts, plans, strategies. I'm not going to go into detail here but it's really important to me that you hang on to even the slightest bit of hope right now. And if you truly believe all hope is gone - PLEASE accept me and this board as your hope. Why we were chosen to struggle with these DD's Lord only knows. But there's gotta be a reason - maybe someday, when things get better for you, the reason will appear - maybe by being there for someone in agony and helping them get through it?
    I offer you my shoulder to lean on...or email to lean on?? (trying to be funny...not?!?!) I'm not sure if it's okay to post email addresses here - I'll have to check.
    Right now I just want to get this posted in hopes you get it soon.
    It's way past my bedtime - which is a stupid thing to say considering my "bedtime" is about round the clock - anyway, I do have to sign off for tonight. I hope to hear from you soon. Meanwhile, if you need someone, PLEASE know you have many many people here that will listen, support, and accept you for who you are.
    May God ease your mind with Peace to help you during this struggle in life -
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