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    I just saw your reply about being in the Kaiser PM program in CA. I live in the SF bay area (Livermore specifically), where are you at? Just curious - they told us we have one of the best PM programs Kaiser has to offer.

    I have to say that this program has saved me too. I used to have a primary doc that thinks anyone who needs strong pain meds regularly is a drug abuser. I found another doctor after my PM consultation who would actually prescribe what the pain team recommended. Anyways, I am finally starting to feel better. I am so glad Kaiser had that to offer to me. Prior to that I had a PPO, and couldn't find a doctor who cared & was willing to give me adequate medication. I am 26, and they all thought I am too young to be on meds all the time. I agree - but I also am too young to be in pain all the time & barely able to function! Oh well, luckily I'm on the right track now.

    Take care,
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    I'm georgette.
    I know SF bay, Golden Gate, never knew of Livermore. I will look it up later for idea where.
    Anyway, yeah, I tell ya, I don't know where I'd be if not for Kaiser's PMC.
    I had my first operation at Kaiser as a 13 year old tom-boy who loved playing girls softball. I would slide into base and tear my knee apart until i tore the cartilage,
    my parents even took me to Sandy Kofax's Doctor. You wouldn't know who that was I bet. I just turned 50, yikes.
    but mentally iam 30ish , my son's age now, but my body, after treating it like a kid most of my life, so far, well, it hurts like age 100yrs. and some days I am so miserable, i act like the Grinch.
    I don't think alot about Kaiser in general, but it's pretty good coverage compared to some others. I would hate to be County hospitals.
    Kaiser here for one at this age is like $302. per mo.
    but I get my money worth cause of the pain management.
    I have been in with the same Doc, for nearly three years +
    and I was getting the red flags for taking so much vicodin in a day, like up to 8-10. two at a time around the clock. But my history as an active person is what really broke my body, I took great chances. I trained quarter horses for about 25 yrs. started about age 12 with my first horse. I've always played with the boys, toys.
    motorcycles, guns, horses, baseball, football, treehouses,
    build houses, lift heavy things like couches, bicycles, roller skates, jumping off block walls into the swimming pool as a dare. I was a country girl living in the city.
    Anyways, a couple years ago, diagnosis, cervical spondylosis, this year lumbar too. so, seems to be degenerative.
    I have had two major car wreaks so I am not quite sure if that had alot to do with the injuries, i think yes cause my neck was tossed back n forth, but the pain....ouch
    plus, i have diagnosis of Lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic everything! the list is endless, but the worst is the cervical spondylosis, narrowing of the spinal cord in my neck, there is only surgery as an option to help but that just puts metal in me, with alot more pain. no thanks,
    at this point, with everything else, I have taken my chances and with GOD and much prayer and limitations on my movement and physical activities, (barely none) if I care that day, I have managed to not have surgeries or be in a wheelchair, the doctors all think i am crazy and I am.
    i will not have the operation, my choice is to become a quadrapalegic naturally or under the risk of a knife.
    What would you do?
    I was told, i will become paralyzed of worse, i ask, what could be worse?
    So, I spend alot of time on my bed, it's pretty and cozy with the tv. or i am on the couch. not much of a life.
    I take my meds and sleep. sometimes I cry sometimes, I go out to starbucks. other then that. not much. I love to write, as you can see.
    Thats it for now. I been up all night typing to catch up, i was away from the computer for a week or so.
    write back, and tell me what are some of your diagnosis, and symptoms, and lets try to make some noise about our pain medication problems to some VIP's, a few ladies here want to raise the flag and get alot of attention for our suffering. btw- with all i have going on, i was denied disability. can ya believe it? the punk judge.
    he's in trouble. I telling on him. :) take care, write back. xx....peace
    I agree, kaiser pmc. is terrific. should be more all over the nation. Most people don't even know what it is. want to help get the word out? stick with this group. I think we can help alot of quite sufferers. be good.bless your family too with good health.

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