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    Arizona Republic Newspaper
    April 29, 2011
    By Scott Craven

    There are dozens of products designed to aid pets should they become lost-tags, microchips, even GPS systems you can attach to a collar.

    But what happens [to pets] when owners become lost?

    Not the "I must have missed a turn, but I refuse to ask for directions" lost. But what if you are in a car accident? Or suffer a medical emergency requiring hospitalization? Or simply fall down somewhere and can't get up?

    As far as your dog(s) or cat(s) [or other pets] are concerned--particularly if you are a no-show around dinner time--you are lost.

    That's where "Just in Case Pet Tags" came in. Each tag comes with an exclusive identifying code so you can register your pet, your contact information and your backup caregivers (should you be "lost").

    You receive a wallet card alerting emergency responders that you have pets and who they should contact to care for them.

    You also get a refrigerator magnet that will include all the relevant information. This is a handy backup should friends of family members come by while you are incapacitated and see that you do not want your pets going to a shelter.

    The tags, cards and magnet feature the website and phone number they can contact to enter the pet's code and find your list of caregivers.

    Each tag is $49.99 and those buying multiple tags receive a 29 percent discount.

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    Great idea. I carry my sons' contact info in my wallet in case of emergency. No reason not to add an animal reminder there, as well.