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    Hi Hopeful4-

    You had responded to my post on Neurological symptoms. I am currently seeing an LLMD for Lyme disease and she has me on IV antibiotics. I hope that these help but I am not 100% sure they will as people tell me I should feel better by now. Please tell me your lyme symptoms and how you can differentiate them from the CFID's symptoms?

    Also is there a doctor out there like a neuro phsyc doctor who may be able to help us to know what exactly is wrong?

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    Hi Hope,
    I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time. It does seem to be the case for most people going through lyme treatment.

    Have you been checked and treated for co-infections? I'm guessing that your LLMD is being thorough with that.

    To ask me to differentiate between my lyme symptoms and my CFIDS symptoms is just about impossible. There is just too much overlap. Most of my symptoms are neurological ones, the ones I listed in the post.

    I also have muscle weakness, aches and pains, TMJ, anxiety, depression, unrelenting fatigue, and such.

    I have heard that there are docs who specialize in neurological lyme, and that there are lyme psychiatrists, too. Are you having doubts about your LLMD? How many lyme patients has he/she treated? With what degree of success?

    I'm not sure how long you have been treating for lyme. I keep hearing that it can take a long time to feel better. I've only been treating since Dec., and do not feel better...but I always say: YET. It's going to happen. For me, and for you.

    Do you have a lyme support group in your state or city? It might help to talk to some people going through it. They often have such great information and suggestions to help.

    Unfortunately, there's just no "one size fits all" kind of treatment. Each of us starts treatment with different issues, and we respond so individually.

    If you have more questions about your treatment, visit lymenet dot org Flash Discussion. There are some very knowledgeable lymies over there.

    Take care, and best wishes,