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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by earthdog2000, May 10, 2011.

  1. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Hi Pink!

    Where did you go? I hope you're okay as I have not heard from you in soooooo long!

    Peace and Comfort, Julie
  2. ilovepink4

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    Here I am....I have been busy. I have been getting paperwork together for my attorney. I have had two meetings with her and I filing for divorce this week. So at least, I have the satisfaction of being the one to file, when my husband was the one determined to move out and destroy our marriage. He wanted out, so i will make it possible for him. And he will get the papers delivered to him at work via mail. I could have paid $55 for the deputy sherriff to serve him but i didnt want to really tick him off. I want to get as much out of his guilt as possible. My attorney says to strike while the iron is hot. I have to decide what to do with our house. It depends on if I will get enough money to pay the mortage and if I want the responsiblity of this rather large house that needs repairs and nothing is maintenence free...the siding is cedar and the windows are not maintenance is amazing how much work it is to get unmarried when it is really easy to get married!!! I don't ever want to get married again, if there would be a chance I would have to go through this again. And, with anyone, there is always the chance!

    I am taking my maiden name back.....i dont want to be connected to him anymore. That and the fact that I filed first makes me feel stronger and like I am not helpless....

    I also put in a letter to the editor in our small town paper telling everyone that May 12 is Fibromyalgia awareness Day....and to let the world know that I am sick....very sick....and if you had been listening to the rumors in town, that woman's husband just left her....what a rotten man....

    So, tomorrow I need to go to my lawyers office a pay her retainer which is a total of $4000.....but the initial consult was taken out of there....i paid $400 for the consult of two husband only has to pay $250 for his matter how long it is i guess....

    so, that is what i have been up to.....that and trying to recover from the first consult was so emotional and i was crying over and over that I could hardly walk to my car and drive home.....i took pain meds and they didn't work so i took more pain meds and they finally took the edge off but were very weak....not too impressive.....i have been recovering for a week....then went out yesterday for another meeting....and today was just pretty boys made a huge mess outside and in the living rooms....

    my husband pops over for whatever excuse and then starts in on me about my lack of supervision and the messes or destruction the boys are causing....he knew about my lack of supervision of the boys since i live in my bed....and he still thought it was best if he dont start complaining, i think he is just surprised that i am ahead of him in lawyer meetings and he thought I would drag it out forever and need him to lead me along....that i am too stupid to figure out what i have to do....

    he will be shocked in the morning when he picks up the boys for school and there will be a big green garbage can out by the driveway for trash pickup....we have always gone to the dump and he came by last weekend and got the trash....well, i don't need him for that that is one less time he needs to come over here....he will be surprised because he assumes that I manipulate him with excuses to make him help me....that was one of his complaints...that I always need him to do something....that is because he is the man of the house and needs to take care of the house and the cars....

    now i have to learn how to take care of this stuff....and i will call anyone else but him to find out what i need to do to fix something!

    okay...that is enough venting!

    i hope that things are going well for you, julie....fill me in! Pink

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    Hi Pink!

    OMG, I sent you a really long reply last night and then lost it somehow, has that ever happened to you? Anyways, it was so late and I had to go to bed so I could'nt re-write it.........I couldn't remember much of what I wrote if I tried, fibrofog,lol! I'm SO proud of you for the article you posted in the paper, you must feel awesome about it and you should because it was very brave! I celebrated yesterday CFS/FM day by reading and responding to posts, doing research and just generally doing things that made me feel good!

    Sorry, had to answer phone then eat dinner,etc. I'll email you more tomorrow! Hope you're feeling okay and sleeping well!

    Hugs, Julie
  4. joanierav

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    i just read your response. i am so proud of you. wow, hard to believe you are the same girl. i went through the same thing many yrs ago. and yes i was as strong as you, but i wasnt even sick then. you are to be commended, even though the kids are young they will remember how strong you were. it is a good example for them. you will have many sad and low times i am sure in the days ahead, but try to stay strong, you can make it. and good luck and god bless you.

    try to find some support groups, they are wonderful at this time. it is good to mingle with people going through the same thing now.

    love, joanierav
  5. earthdog2000

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    Hi Pink!

    Sorry I did'nt reply back more today like I wanted to! I have been feeling really crappy all day. Bad headache, nauseous, fibro pain and fatigue, yuck! I hope you're doing okay and hopefully I can write more tmo!

    Faith and Peace, Julie
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  8. earthdog2000

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  9. earthdog2000

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    Hi Pink,

    I hope you're doing okay and just busy because I have not heard back from you in so long! I hope you have gotten your divorce straightened away and you and the kids are adjusting alright.

    Take care of you, Julie ;-)

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