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    How is the horse back riding going..For me it is great he is a good boy. Except he bucked the other day. he really got worked in the round pen and the the ride was great.. take carepeg
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    Well my girl hurt her tendon ans has been heeling. She will get ultrasounded again on Tues. She has been doing great though the injury is fairly minor and she is walking 20 mnutes a day. If she looks okay Tues I will start trotting her.

    We were in Hawaii for two weeks and i went on an incredible ride in Kauii. From the top of a mountain to a beautiful waterfal filled valley. We were the only ones on the ride so we got to canter and go at our own pace. It was a 5 hour ride and picnic. I lost count of the rainbpws in the valley. I could never have hiked it.

    It was so much fun we went riding on the big island when we go there. It was totally different but still fun. We were on a 30,000 acre ranch and again we got to canter alot. I was surprised at the caliber of horse we were riding. The third lartget rance in the country 225,000 acres in on Hawaii. I never realized.

    I am riding Sophie while Nightingale is laid up and can't wait to get to the barn today to check on both of them and see what is going on! (Our barn has 100 stalls so it like its own community with horses coming and going and tons of drama!) It was so hard to leave her but of corse she was fine. karen who was taking care of her just wenet through the same type of inkury with her mare last year and she is very loving to her horses so I felt pretty confident she was in good hand. I actually miss cleaning her stall and every thing else that I do for Nightingale!

    Glad to hear your boy is doing well. If Nightingale isn't turned out for a couple of days I always lounge her before I ride her as she has a lot of energy and she bucks a little as an energy release. She is only 5 and is just being a horse. But being a weinie I want her to get it out of her system before I get on!

    Write back and tell me more! I love hearing about and talking about horses! Lynn