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  1. coyote

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    What is the treatment you are getting for ADHD.
    You mentioned that you are seeing a shrink, but were you given any meds for it? I suspect that I have it too, and even talked @ it informally with a neuropsychologist who is a friend.
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    Haven't started treatment yet, go March 6th. Forgot to mention the other thing I have a problem with is anxiety, which is also related to ADHD. They've found that the primal "fight or flight"(basically anxiety) reaction seems to be permanently "on" in people with FMS. Common medications used is ritalin and buspar. If you've read anything by Dr Breggin against the use of ritalin don't worry, he lacks scientific credibility. Put "Fibromyalgia New Perspective" into and you'll find more info. I didn't believe what I read there at first but I've done hours of research. Another good source is and their articles on ADD and anxiety.

  3. coyote

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    the information and the suggestions.
    I will do some research.
    Good luck, and keep us posted on how you make out.