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    I just read your reply and am so grateful that you took the time. I have actually had CFS for about 15 years, been married 15yrs.My dh is truly wonderful. He helps with the girls, 8 and 12 and tries to be understanding. He's such a type A personality- never sits still, never ill, always looking for a new project to start on, or wanting us to do something as a family which is great however it ususlly revolves around a sporting activity.I try so... hard to accomodate and force myself into life when I'm not feeling well. Usually I dont feel well. If it's not pain which is constant then it's severe fog, sensory overload, and of course exaustion. My 12 yo daughter plays club soccer year round and softball and my other is a mommmy's girl who does dance. Both girls are very understanding when mom doesn't feel well and I can;t do something but like you it breaks my heart. Sometimes when I look at the other moms all perky and energetic and I feel like I can barely think through the fog and haze I feel like my girls got the short end of the stick. But, I love those girls. They are my life. They are what keps me crawling out of the bed in the am. This am I felt like crying because it took everything to just do Amanda's hair. She said "it's ok mommmy, we can do an easy ponytail today so you can go lay down." She even ate all of her dad's overjellied pbj for lunch. It hurts me more now that they are older because I think they notice more now and I feel like all they will remember is that I was always weak and tired. I think you are spectacular for all that you do for your kids, even if it isn;t everything you had planned on. At the end of the day, they love us because we're who we are and in their eyes we are plenty although we often feel inadequate. Keep the faith& I hope we can chat again soon. I think it's so important to find someone who has similar lifestyle and responsibilities. Hope your weekend is better and that you'll have at least one moment to cherish.
    Thank you!!!
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    i remember having 2 girls...everything was much more peaceful!!! then the boys arrived! one at a time!!!i am so glad we went ahead and adopted them! they keep their daddy on his toes and keep him young! dad is 51 and they are only ;9 and 6...he says his retirement party will be his funeral because he won't ever be able to retire!!!! oh well, he had his fun in his 20's...wild and single! married at 31...first child arrived that first year...

    troubles for today- 9yr old took his b-day money and first communion money out and put in wallet...then in pocket without me knowing it...went outside...lost wallet with $110 in it...after major crisis, howling, and nashing of teeth, the wallet turned up in the garden(yes, i found it) right where all gardenmers put their wallets when they kneel down to pull weeds with mom...

    that's all for today...there is more everyday!!!

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