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    dear one. please do not leave. i know that you feel that you have been taken wrongly or that your opnion has not been validated. but please do not leave us. you are educated and seem to check things out for yourself. you just may be the one to help all of us eventually. whatever you believe, it belongs to you , and you have the right to share it with others. i am sure that many did not like my post, but there you have it. it is mine alone and no one can change what i know in my heart. so again, please stay. we need you.
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    However, I note that my posts on The Secret thread were deleted. I really thought through my posts and am really offended that I was censored when I did not use profanity, threaten anyone, list URL's, nor spread any misleading or dangerous information. Clearly, there are people here who run the boards and anyone who disagrees gets censored. Censorship is one thing I cannot abide. This is, sadly, my last post. Best Wishes to you both; I hope you find freedom from pain.