To Jaminhealth; about your water filter.

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    Hi Jaminhealth,
    I wanted to ask you which water filter you have from Sante. I went to the website and was wondering which one you got.

    Where we live now we have wonderful well water. Our well is 1,203 feet deep, so the water is very tasty and cold.

    We are in the process of moving and the new house has city water. While I guess it is ok water. After 20 years of drinking well water the city water is, well, just chlorinated. I had been considering a filter for the kitchen tap for drinking. I drink A LOT of water, and if it tasted yucky I don't think I would be as inclined to drink it.

    A funny story.... While at the new house working, my Blue heeler Annie... see her pic in my bio. was playing and got hot and tired, well she goes over to the inground pool goes down the steps and wants a drink of water. I fusssed at her and told her not to drink the pool water!! I then took her inside to get a drink of "clean" water. Well I had to laugh, because with a dog's keen sense of smell, is there much difference in chlorinated pool water and chlorinated city water when she too is used to well water!!

    Thanks Jaminhealth for all you do and your shared information on this board. You mean a lot to me!!

    Thank you a lot.
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    thx Jam, keeping for records.
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    One more question.

    Did you have to replace filters, or is the same one in it after 3 years? If you had to change filters how much are they and how often do you change them.

    Thanks dear,
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    There are different types of water filtration systems from on-the-tap faucet filtration systems dispensers and pitchers using carbon filters, to those using reverse osmosis technique.