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    Dear Jam,
    I just read your reply, thanks so much! I admit that last night was rough but I made it through! I wrote in my journal and read in my bible and calmed down a lot. I prayed to God to help me calm down and to feel peaceful and I just LET GO.....It worked, I was asleep by 11:30 and woke up at 10:00 this morning feeling much better. I did'nt even think about the situation that got me so fired up last night until I read your post.

    When I read your reply I was most delighted and a little amazed! I did those things you suggested last night even BEFORE I read your reply! Wow! You must have been sending me good thoughts through some "vibe" because your words fit perfect as to what I did and what you suggested. Of course I thank my higher power 1st and my ability to recognize that I could calm down as I have done MANY times before!

    Sorry this is so long but I feel the need to tell you a little bit more so you will understand my cry for help last night! I have fibro, CFS, Panic Disorder, depression, and anxiety. I recently went through something with my daughter, 3 weeks ago that brought back strong memories of abuse I suffered as a child and as an adult. She too suffered abuse as a child but did not tell us until last August and is reliving it again and refuses to get counseling or to talk to us about it anymore. Her hubby intervened and started blaming it all on my hubby for not protecting her.

    He said that our grandson and 'the light of my life" could not come over here anymore because he was not safe because of my hubby's friends who come over and our good friend who lives in our trailor behind our house. He is running "the show" and is abusive emotionally and verbally to our daughter and she will not admit this or reach out to us for help! We fear that her hubby is also capable of abusing her physically but we cannot help her unless and until we know he has hit her! have since only seen my grandson, Ezekiel age 5, for a few hours twice in 3 weeks and have been on vacation for 1 month. I have been to see my psych and a counselor for the last 2 weeks. They told me to take some more time off at work and to go to day treatment as well. I decided to take 1 more week off. I was not able to get into day treatment because it is a 5 week program, 3 times a week, 3 hours a day and I have to go back to work on April 25th!

    Thank you again for your words of advice and encouragement. I have and will continue to heed to all for I need to also "heal thyself"! I am going to church tomorrow, and seeing my psych and counselor next week. I may also go to a womans group for stress and depression
    through the University of NV. one night next week I just need to see if there are any spots open.
    Thanks you for being here for me, it means a lot!
    Hugs, Julie :)

    P.S. We plan on getting the police involved and to go to my daughter's house if her husband hits her and she calls us!
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    Thanks for your quick reply! Do you think that there is someone or someplace that we could get help for just the emotional and verbal abuse even though we have no proof of any physical violence? Does Al-Anon also deal with issues of marijuana too?I know that they are using that FOR SURE!

    Thanks again, Julie
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    Dear Jaminhealth,
    Right on! I will check Al-Anon out but hubby probably won't. He will not go to counseling with me either at this point for I have tried for months! He just recentily agreed they need help with their use but does not like 12-step meetings. He also believes that psychiatrists only manipulate people! what a bunch of bull!

    Thanks again for the great advice, Julie

    P.S. I would like to hear about YOU and also how YOU are doing with your DD's!

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