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    Man Shirl has got me thinking. Do you think it may not be cf for me? I'll tell you what I wrote to her. I've had alot of viral infections over the past few years. In September I had a bad one. Then Jan 6 I got another bad one. Went back to work after two weeks. Lasted three days. My husband took me to emergency rooms and they took blood tests ekg etc. Everything came back OK. The said it was post viral syndrome. He had to take three weeks off from work to take care of me. He carried me into the doctors office many times. They took more blood tests for everything they could think of. I had a cat scan, mri, and a muscle test that was like torture. Everything came back OK> The neurologis said they couldn't give me a time limit on when I'd be better. I think they're all stumped. So my dr and I are down to CFS. But after what Shirl said tonight I'm ready to start over for some answers. What do you think?
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    Well the things that you mentioned in the other post are everydays symptoms for me. Is this something that you have experience before? If so then it would be a concern, if you have had this before and the doctors didn't find a reason then it could be the firbo. There is no sure way to know that is what suck about FMS, to be on the safe side if things don't start getting better make a doc appt to see if something else is going on. I hope that you feel better soon. Listen to your body and if this is worrying you then you should go ahead and see the doc. You will be in my prayers
    take care sweetie,