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    I've been reading a lot of the information you have posted and find it facinating and really informative. Have been doing a little digging on my own as well. Do you take antibiotics along with the supplements, and if so what kind? Also, how were you diagnosed in terms of the mycoplasmas? How did you approach your doctor with this? Thanks for any info.
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    When you say you "take" oxygen, what do you mean? This would be of great help to me...

    By the way, my doc is contacting your doc in Calif. re the colloidal silver. Thanks SO much for the information!!
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    I also take the antibiotic treatment for chronic mycoplasma infection. I take 100 mgs of Doxycycline twice a day. The Herx from hell hit me three days after I started taking it. I haven't had a Herx in a long time. I had some after the initial one but not as severe. I've been on the Doxy for a little more than a year now. I assume that it has starved out enough of the little buggers that my system no longer gets overwhelmed by a massive killoff.

    I was never tested because it was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my illnesses 12 years ago. They gave me antibiotics at the time, but they did not know that one or two cycles of antibiotics were not enough to kill the mycoplasma bacteria. It took months, but eventually I got better, but never got my health back and over the years, just kept going downhill. Two years ago, I had to quit working.

    When I started reading Dr. Nicolson's papers on chronic mycoplasma infections, I printed out the material and took it to my doc highlighted and annotated. He immediately put me on the Doxy without seeing the necessity of testing. After the Herx effect, my IBS, migraine-type headaches, chronic swollen lymph nodes, and sore throat went away. If I cycle off the Doxy, within three days, the symptoms come back. I will be on the Doxy for a long time.

    BTW, Jelly, I talked to the doc about the autoimmune risk of letting the immune system deal with the mycoplasmas in the bloodstream. He didn't know but understood my concern. I am seeing a psyiatrist who is knowledgeable about our illnesses and will discuss this with him. It is now my belief that we have to let the antibiotics completely kill all the mycoplasmas as the immune system is fooled by their using our DNA to hide out behind. In fact, if our immune systems ever do recognize the mycoplasmas as foreign matter, the immune system will most likely, at that time, turn on our own bodies. I wonder whether Dr. Nicolson would respond to me. I wrote to him once and never heard back. I guess it's worth a shot.

    Love, Mikie
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    They are kind of like super physical therapists but are MD's and DO's. This guy specializes in people with FMS and I heard him speak at a workshop. He seems to be very knowledgeable. I'm not sure he will have answers to my questions, but he may know of a test or treatment which has been missed. My poor PCP feels so helpless and inadequate to treat me and I think this will help him.

    My rheumy has really come around, but he just isn't that knowledgeable about FMS and particularly CFS. It can't hurt.

    I will try Dr. Nicolson again as I think this is a really important issue in treating the mycoplasmas. I'll let you know if I hear from him. Right now, I gotta go see my shrink. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for responding. I actually have read about oxygen's benefits. I'm just wondering HOW you receive your oxygen? Do you use a hyperbaric chamber? Do you superoxygenate your environment? Please let me know. My doc said he'd consider my using a hyperbaric chamber but I need to find a doc (and a professional-style chamber) to work with me since he's not trained in its use. I have a friend with a home-style chamber but am respecting my doc's request not to use it until I can start with a professional.
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    He has a good breathing exercise for increasing oxy to the system. Of course, it's not as good as running a mile, but I do this exercise all the time. I also feel that my cognitive problems improve when I'm doing this exercise. Yoga is another good way to improve breathing and oxygen.

    The article is in the library.

    Love, Mikie
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    Madwolf and Mikie, thanks for the info. I am really interested in this oxygenating thing. It seems noninvasive and so beneficial. I really want to try a hyperbaric chamber but the hospitals around here (DC area) only allow them to be used for wound healing and other specific ailments. They are widely used in England for MS treatment, and I have heard of their use for FMS, which I have. I have friends who ozone-ate their home and drinking water (he has MS), and they are the ones who have the home hyperbaric chamber. The home chamber doesn't achieve as great a pressure as the commercial ones can, but I think it may be gentler to one's system while achieving a similar (but slower) effect.

    Even though I am blessed to have the GREATEST doctors (I really mean that), I am just so frustrated to have to work so hard to have access to different treatments like this -- and possibly like colloidal silver. <sigh>
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    I have considered this avenue, but the unit for my air handler on the AC/Furnace is $800. The ones which ozoneate drinking water are about $250. Has anyone had any experience with them? Wouldn't hydrogen peroxide accomplish the same thing?

    Love, Mikie
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    Jelly, thanks for your response. Very helpful.

    My friends have 2 ozone generators in their home -- one in the bedroom and one in their family room. The husband (the one with MS) is confined to a wheelchair and those are the two rooms he spends the most time in. They use the ozone generator attached to a funnel to treat my friend's pressure sores (which unfortunately he gets pretty regularly) and they heal right up. They treat all their fruits and veggies with the ozone, and they ozone-ate their drinking and bathing water. He seems to be growing stronger with this treatment and some others, including colloidal silver, which is what has prompted my interest in that treatment.

    When I go over to visit, I feel great while I'm there -- alert and strong. When I leave I frequently get what I assume is a mild Herx so my sense is that the ozone would be good for me. Thinking of getting at least one of these machines for my bedroom so I can benefit from the time I spend sleeping, the largest amount of time I spend in one place.

    I don't know if hydrogen peroxide would work the same for treating water. Will try to check it out; maybe someone else will have input.

    Thanks to all of you for responding on this thread.

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    1. Hydrogen Peroxide is a poison, only to be used externally or as a dilluted mouthwash.
    2. Colloidal Silver should be bought only by a reputable source: no sediment, slightly yellow to clear color. And it is very expensive,approx.$25-35 an oz.
    --C.Silver is Potentially a poison, and should not be over-used. It is an antiseptic-healing agent. Only use a teaspoon or LESS under the tongue daily for no more than a week.--this is LESS than what it says on the Label. This is MY Treasured Opinion. :)
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    Dear Jelly Belly, I have some connections in San Diego and was wondering who your physician is there or who you could recommend because it is almost impossible, here, to find a physician who is knowledgable or willing to go along with continuous antibiotic therapy.