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    I consider you both to be two of the most well-educated people on this Board and I would like to ask you a question....
    Why have you not tried the Guai?
    I started it because I respect Mikie so much, and because Dr. Starlanyl, who I think wrote the best book on Fibro, says she thinks it is the best thing she has done for her Fibro.
    I am at 2400 mgs. now with no results,and I have bent over backwards to avoid Salycilates.
    I intend to keep going until I run out of Guai (another month at least) but I'd like to know what mental process led the two of you to reject this theory?
    Thanks for letting me pick your brains,
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    Hi JB, I hate to pry but I understand from this and previous posts of yours that you say you've gotten Elavil for $8 per month without insurance, can you tell me where or how? I've gotten it for free in the past from a county clinic through the ORSA assistance plan but the clinics have closed around here, and the cheapest I see in on the internet is about $2 per pill, I can't work full time right now with this DD and its symptoms and would appreciate any direction you might be able to give here.

    **EDIT** Man do I absolutely agree on the value of sleep, that either makes or breaks my ability to function!! Much thanks for your previous instructions on editing my posts, Chris
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    Thanks for the compliment. I'm going to sound like a traditional medicine basher....but what the heck, I've been in the business for 20 years, so I do have an insiders view.

    My greatest improvements came when I got off the medicine merry-go-round....a pill for this, and than another pill for the side effects of that pill.....Pharmacuetical companies have taken over medicine. And pharmacuetical companies aren't in the business of curing. They are in the business of managing symptoms. Watch the TV commercials today..all claiming to manage the symptoms of whatever!...Like say for instance, allergies. About a million drugs out there to fight the symptoms of allergies.......Seen any commercials out there claiming a cure?

    Not enough research is going into the cause of illnesses today... there's no money in curing people.

    I don't want to "manage" my symptoms anymore..I want to know what is causing them. Medicine has taken a turn south in my book.....Doctors have become dealers for pharmacuetical companies. There is even a big market for drugs to help with the side effects of other drugs.
    Makes my head spin.

    Now, I know some people can't function without some symptom management, I do take Levoxyl for thyroid and nexium if my IBS gets going....but I found for me...most of the side effects of drugs aren't worth the big cost. I have seen that the less chemicals and drugs I put into my system...the better I feel.

    And as you angle is more along the lines of our illnesses being from toxins as opposed to an infectious process.

    Most Drugs are chemicals....I don't want to put anymore chemicals in my system...unless of course it is a chemical that cures..and that's not likely to happen...

    Since Guai is not a cure but may helps symptoms.....I don't even consider it frankly....

    I don't think the answer is going to be what we put in our bodies to make us better...but what we stop putting in our bodies......All my personal opinion of course......DJ

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    Jelly - I had forgotten how much relief you got from Elavil. It did nothing for me but make me into a fatty! I do not have hypercoag (have been tested recently) and do not have the "red crescents" of mycoplasma, a moot problem anyway, since I am allergic to antibiotics big time. We are just different.

    DJ - I agree with you, and the one time I did get off all meds, I had SO much more energy and felt like I had come out of a fog. The problem is that my personality has changed so much since menopause that I cannot be around other people without meds, esp. not my husband's relatives and some of our low-life neighbors. I cannot handle the overstimulation of city living without them. If I could only move back to the woods where I belong....but I'd have to leave my husband to do that, which would make me even more miserable than I already am. If I could just stop the world and get off for awhile, I'd try to get off the meds again. I belive, but can't prove, that if I could live way out in the boonies, like Shirl does for example, I could get off all meds, even my blood pressure meds. My feeling about Guai is that if it makes me a lot better, even if I have to take it forever, that's worth it, and it is FAR safer than most of the other drugs I am taking. It is one of only a handful of drugs listed in the PDR as having zero side-effects and I can confirm that. I am super-drug sensitive and the only side-effect I notice on Guai is that my BM's smell like moth balls! (That should be good for a laugh)

    Thanks for your opinions!