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    Hello again.

    Just done another www search on hypercoagulation.

    Made earlier history more relevant than I thought. Makes me wonder too about all that immunisation I had as a baby, during childhood and adolescence when I lived in a warm climate where sanitisation was poor. Think the medical services were overcautious.

    Seems from the bits I've read that the virus which finally triggered full blown CFS is less likely to show up, this was 20 years ago. Might well be the same for others. Likewise the bacterial infection two years earlier which set all this off.

    I thought I had a long list to challenge local health services with, now it looks longer. Will my brain cope with the challenge? Well I will soon find out.

    Dealing with these DDs is like peeling away the layers of an onion, they seem to just go on and on and yet some of us still do get to that central bit.

    I can see why suejay is so convinced on this.

    When Suejay, Madwolf, or Ace, answer my post on another matter I think I may be able to access some assistance, so that I might at least have this considered by a cardiologist.

    Even if hypercoagulation is not relevant to everyone I believe it is to a significant number with some of these DDs. If so it's shows the how important shared information is, I've not seen anything on this in the UK related to CFS.



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    Slowly getting my head round all this.

    Next stage is getting someone to take it seriously enough and help do something about the bits I cannot sort out on my own.

    The last 5 years have been the most scarey even though in some ways I'd made progress. I have no intention of letting things go on this way. Just got to convince the right people.

    Incidently my brother's a consultant in Nuclear Medicine, he actually carried out the first spect scans done in the UK when he was a registrar at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine. Wasn't allowed to interpret them though for obvious reasons.

    Most of the UK medical community ignored the results, this was when the somatisation theory came to the fore.

    He told me that when any doc told me it was all in the mind I should tell them my brother says he's proved it's in the brain. Only used it once, when I got a lecture from a specialist who was supposed to be treating my son, his mouth fell open. He's a rheumatologist who still insists that CFS and FM do not exist.

    You can't win them all.


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    I get so angry when I hear that "all in your mind" nonsense. Glad you're looking into this possibilty, and I'll look forward to seeing where you'e able to go with it. Did I answer your other post? I hate to leave people hanging, but unless you mention my name in a post I can't be very confident of ever catching up with it again. I'm glad there's such lively discussion going on, though. I hope we'll get a lot of medical people thinking. Thanks for your help, and good luck to you.
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    in British Medical Journal a few months back. Prof Simon Wessley tried it on again, this time referring to all conditions with unexplained symptoms. Looked it up on web. All the quick replies basically told him to shut up, that things have moved on since then so he should too, that research etc is needed.

    This guy and his colleagues have adapted their theories a bit, to save face more than anything, but want to hang on to parts of it.

    Egos again!

    I have warned people in the past that this would happen, but not to get too het up. They should write to their member of parliament (UK), Department and Health etc. These doctors only have their own interests in mind, we need to keep fighting for ours.

    Look forward to hearing from you via e-mail.



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