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    Please tell me what Dr. you found to treat you for Hypercoagualation and how do you get a dr. to treat you & test for that. I would appreciate the information and would like to know what broguht you to this treatment & how you ar feeling now. Tell me what your symptoms were etc. You seem to know very much about it.

    I have had mottled skin since I was very yound and my drs. notice it but don't seem to be concerned enough to do anything about it so I pass it off like them. I also have 30% blockages in my heart and mild stenosis Plague in my head from the MRI scan & lots of white matter. I'm really getting concerned as to why drs are not doing anything about these problems except for beta blockers and wanting to put me on statins for my cholesterol which i refuse to take. Been, there done that, they make me feel worse. I take baby aspirin, kinda treating myself and I'm very interested in this hypercoagulation theory. I'm tired all the time and besides the FM and possible chronic fatigue I know something more is going on and the docs are not treating it and even looking for it. My faith in drs is diminishing greatly.

    I have read up on hypercoagulation it but I don't know what kind of Dr. to seek to treat for this and to even listen for that matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was going to ask you the exact question Catnip did.
    How to get a dr.. to test you for this? My dr. never likes to test for anything but will hand out drugs like candy(which is kind of good in a way).
    I also have a question about blood clots. I spend
    so much time in bed due to all my health problems that I am wondering if I would have gotten a blood clot by now if I had this problem. I would think if I had thick blood I would have a blood clot by now.
    Any help appreciated. I have the Hemex website info, etc.
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