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    Thanks JellyBelly 12/31/02 06:22 AM

    Hi JellyBelly. Thanks very much. I am in full combat mode. I've made a lot of improvement, but am not near having my life back. I am heavy into the research and trying to go down the road of finding out and documenting what I have (or am deficient in).

    I am just in the process of approaching a new doctor to start being tested for mycoplasma, heavy metals, candida, glutathione and gh levels etc. I'm trying to figure out how to best go about this so that insurance pays for some or all of it.

    I've started back on a better diet and taking supplements. I've got whey in the mail. I'm trying to figure out if I need to take gh or bovine gf.

    I need to identify the various tests I need done and where I can get them done. Is there a really good list posted somewhere.

    You said you were 90% back! That is bigtime!! Are you able to do aerobic activity? Do you feel well and not fatigued most of the time?


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    Thanks Jelly. What is the name of Shomon's book? Also, how did you get down the path to being so far recovered. I'm trying to plan out my first steps. I live in a relatively smallish city in Texas named Beaumont. I was thinking of just approaching my pcp and telling him I have cfids (he's an old guy and probably doesn't know anything about it) and asking him to send me out for some tests.

    Can you give me some good, practical and specific advice on how to start down the road of getting tested for the various things.

    It sounds like for you, you identified a mycoplasma infection and then attacked it with antibiotics, which seemed to work. Is that right?

    To be able to do aerobic activity and hike in the mountains . . . wow, that sounds great.