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    I recently reread your post regarding people from the northwest and came upon a change of topic regarding guaifenesin.
    Lots of us on the board are on gauifenesin and for lots of us, it has worked wonders. To keep it short, I believe that I would be bedridden without it. Mikie the moderator was on morphine and was able to get off that with the use of guaifenesin.
    The book by Dr. St. Amand, What Your Doctor Might NOT tell you about Fibromyalgia, is a must read. I would suggest that you get the book, either from Amazon, (its not too expensive, its paperback), or the library, and read it. Then come back to the board and ask questions.
    The whole guaifenesin protocol can be done by ones self, but is really MUCH better applied with a knowledgeable doctor's help. These doctors are few and far between, but there is an OUTSTANDING one here in Bend, a three hours drive from Portland. He is probably the best doctor I have ever had, he believes that fibro people actually have pain!! and sleep problems!! and other problems! and he treats them and he and his nurses are very compassionate, discrete and understanding. Add this to a practice which doesn't charge an arm and a leg for every little thing and this is worth the drive.
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    Hi I just read your post. Could you give us the doctor's name. I have relatives in Redmond.
    Thanks tlc8858
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    Sorry this took so long, I have been out of town.
    I don't know if I have permission to put my doctor's name up on the board but here's how to find him:
    1)Go to Dr. St. Amand's website. Use your browser, point it to guaidoc or Dr. S. Amand.
    2)From the guaidoc website, find the doctor referral page. Go to the state of Oregon.
    3)Find the doctor in Bend, Oregon
    Good luck, he wasn't taking new patients for a while but has recently taken on a new Physician's Assistant who is also incredibly compassionate, so things have probably changed. I think he is now taking new fibro patients, but you may need a referral, not from an insurance standpoint but from your family doctor or neurologist or whomever. If Jay the receptionist isn't any help giving you an appoinment, DON'T leave your name.(Jay is the receptionist, and a good one, but she's the Lion at the Gate!) Then call back an hour later, and ask to speak to Rhonda and ask if there is any special procedure to get a fibro appointment with the doctor or PA, you want to be on the guai protocol. When I was trying to get in, my doctor (neurologist) kept trying to refer me by having his receptionist call. What we didn't know, and what Jay didn't tell us but what Rhonda did when Jay finally had to go pee or something, leaving Rhonda to answer the phone, is that the rheumy WOULD take a new fibro patient by a doctor's referral IF THE DOCTOR PERSONALLY called and talked to the rheumy. If you don't want to do guai, forget it, because they WILL put you on guai.