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    I just read another post of yours saying you have no support- I hope when you're feeling that way, you'll look in on us here. I, for one, always read your posts if I find them. Does your hubby have fibro? That must be tough with both of you ill.

    Our son's MCS has been bad this spring. We live near a farmer who sprays his fields with herbicide, and I think it's really making our son sick. Now I'm putting together why he's always nauseous. We could talk to the farmer, but I don't think it will change the spraying. It's business for him. We have only lived in this house for 3 years and I'd hate to move....we'll see, I guess.

    Take care, Jinlee, and write when you're down.... Terri
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    about the chemical drops? I'm currently on allergy shots, and they have really helped me. We also have a well, which you mentioned could contain runoff from the chemicals. Thanks for writing.
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    We love it here in central Washington, and Goldendale isn't that far away. Right now it is windy, but that's OK. I'm glad to not live in a big city and have to deal with the traffic. Small towns are great!

    I will look into the chemical drops...maybe at the Tahoma Clinic. They are naturopathic and we haven't been there. The big thing is we need to bill insurance, and so much of the natural stuff is not covered....not fair! But traditional medicine has really done nothing for us. Yes, it was me inquiring about a Dr. Christopher Lawrence in Seattle. I can't find much on the net about him. Anyway, I keep searching. My son just finished his finals and is happy to be done. He's tired, as you can understand. I just wish he felt better.

    Thanks for writing- Terri

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