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    I haven't written to you for a long time...I see by some of your recent posts that you're having a lot of fibro pain....sorry to hear that. Do you have some favorite things to read? Or TV shows? I enjoy cooking shows on Food Network. I really love to cook and it shows. I've put on some weight the last ten years from loving to cook and eat. I guess Food Network should show and cooking show, then follow it up with an exercise program to help us lose the weight we're apt to gain!

    My son has started a new job this summer. He works at Arby's
    and is still in training. So far he's worked only 3 or 4 hour shifts, which is fine by me. I think this week the hours will pick up, so I'm praying he'll do OK with it. They don't get too many breaks. He looks excited to be making money again- it's been awhile since he's had a job.

    Well, I guess I'd better go and get some work done...take care, Jinlee. Terri
  2. alaska3355

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    Wow, your new rheumatologist sounds like just the ticket....I hope it goes well with him! When do you get to see him?

    Yes, we had about the same temp as you this weekend. Some of central Washington even said it was up around 110- don't know if it was true.

    I'm glad to hear you can occasionally get out your viola, even though it hurts. Hopefully the new rheumy can help with your pain and you can play when you feel like it. I had fun yesterday playing piano, just going through some old stuff.

    Take care and keep cool- Love, Terri

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