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    I read your answer to "What cured you?" and your description of yourself sounds exactly like me. So, what is Mirapex? Is it a Rx?

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    mirapex is a parkinsons med.right now i'm taking 3 mg of mirapex and 2 mg of is also aparkinsons med.the idea behind them-according to my rhumy- is that we have 2 adrenal levels.ours runs to high.most peoples goes up and down.ours doesn't.the meds forces one of the levels to go even higher, which makes the other one say"hey,what's going on here?"it then starts to force the other one down until both are at a normal has worked for me.rhumy says for most people symtoms go completely some cases-like mine-you get better,but not back to normal.i am going to the gym 4-5 days aweek now and working with a trainer.i never thought i would beable to do the things i'm doing again.if you are interested your doc would have to get hold of my doc and he would give him all the info.this is new-nobody knows for sure about side effects.i just didn't care.i felt like my life was already over.
    let me know if you want info about my doc.

    kathy c