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    I read your profile and you suffer from SO many things! I ache for you!!

    Monday I go for the 1st time to a Neurosurgeon to have the Spinal Stenosis looked at. I have had a nerve conduction teston both legs, then an MRI to show that I had it. My Lower back hurts sooooo much. Has anything been done for your spinal stenosis? Did it work at all?

    I really don't care to have anything surgical done ---- too old for that I think.

    It sounds as if your trials as many. I pray that your pain quiets down somehow.

    Gentle Hugs
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    Yes, I do suffer from many ailments, and they really get me down from time to time. I haven't updated my profile since I joined the board--at least I don't remember if I did!! I probably have more problems to add!! Ugh!

    My primary care doctor sent me to a neurosurgeon at a large hospital about 3 hrs. from where I live--because it is where "everyone" from this area goes if you have something really serious wrong with you.

    He told me that I was not a candidate for surgery at this time. Before I went to the appointment, my daughter who is the physician (family practice) advised me NOT to have surgery until the pain and problems absolutely got so bad that I just could not tolerate it any more.

    I have a ton of problems in my cervical spine, a few in my thorasic spine, and some painful problems in my lumbar spine. I can't remember if she said it was the cervical problems that she was concerned with or not.

    She told me never to let anyone do surgery on me until I was ready to take the chance of being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. That all surgeries for my problems don't always work, and that sometimes you end up in worse shape than what you were before you had the surgery.

    Don't get me wrong, some time surgery is the ONLY way to get any relief.

    I really haven't had anything done for my spinal stenosis. I have had physical therapy for my entire back situation, to strengthen my back, etc., but that's about it. I try to do the exercises to build up the muscles to help support my back, but I'm not really faithful in doing them!

    My lower back (lumbar) also hurts sooooooo bad. I really know how you feel. Right now, I have the sciatia nerve pinched really good between L4-L5 and S1. The pain is so horrific that I can barely straighten up and walk. It takes 4-6 hours before I can move around after getting up in the morning.

    Since medical help will not relieve the pain, even the pain pills don't help, I have turned to a Chiropractor. Today was my fourth treatment and I can begin to tell a difference!!! I was not in quite so much pain this morning for the first time since the nerve go pinched.

    Note: right here, I clicked to post message, and I have gone back in to edit it to finish -- this is because my computer has been going down and I didn't want to lose what I had already typed! (I might do this again, too. I should have typed it in Word and then copied it over here, but I didn't!)

    I have been given Lortab 7.5 for the pain. And, my daughter told me to walk with my cane because my legs could buckle on me without notice and I might need it!

    I didn't have an MRI on my back because I have a pacemaker and couldn't have one. I had CAT scans done, though. I took copies of them to the Chiropractor before he started working on me.

    I do sit with a heating pad on my lower back all evening while watching TV -- in the mornings while drinking coffee, and any time of the day that I am sitting in my recliner. The only place I can't sit with it is at my computer chair!

    I also read your bio. You sound like a lovely lady. You really sound like someone that I would really enjoy being friends with. You are devoted to your husband, like my mother was. My father also had to have a leg amputated due to his diabetes and was on dialysis for 18 months before he passed away from end stage renal failure. My mother and he were married for 53 years at that time. He was a great, honorable man.

    I'm going to post what I have here and come back in and edit again!

    I'm back again!

    You stated that you had nerve conduction tests on both legs. I have, too. Did yours show any nerve damage?
    Have they ever said that you had neuropathy in your legs or feet?

    Do you take Neurotin? I do, and it helps on nerve pain. After I got started on it, I could tell a noticeable difference in my pain level. I don't know if it reduced the nerve pain in my back or my fibro pain!! It's supposed to help fibro pain, too. All I know is that I felt better!!

    I have also discontinued my Prozac which I took for chronic pain, and changed to Cymbalta, which is also supposed to help nerve pain, and is approved for use in diabetic neuropathy. I really like it.

    This is what the CT scans of my back showed:

    -degenerative disks
    -buldging disks
    -thecal sac effacement
    -bone spurs
    -paramedian disk herniation
    -spinal canal stenosis (moderate)
    -compression of exiting nerve root
    -cervical spondylosis (moderate to severe)
    -facet arthropathy
    -bone spurs
    -pinched nerve (numbness in leg & foot, & PAIN)
    -degenerative disk disease
    -spinal canal stenosis
    -impingement in anterior subarachnoid space
    -degenerative osteoarthritis of facet joints (severe)

    I apologize for this being sooooo long, but I'm a windy person, I guess!!

    Also, I know that I have skipped around as far as subject matter--not really being in the correct order--but my thought process is really on the blink today!!

    Please let me know what your neurosurgeon said in your appointment and if he gave you any hints on how to help the pain!

    P.S. I know my pain in my lower back is a lot worse due to my weight. I am overweight, and I know it, but just can't seem to do anything about it, even though I am in severe pain all of the time. My weight just adds an additional strain on my lumbar spine that it definitely does not need!!

    I can only stand up about 20 minutes before the pain is so bad that I must sit down for about 30 minutes. (This was the way it was BEFORE the pinched nerve!) I am up and down all day long just to get my laundry done, and pick up the house. I have an extremely hard time getting any house cleaning done. I also have a hard time trying to cook every night. Many nights I end up in tears before I get the evening dishes done.)

    Take care of yourself,

    Janet[This Message was Edited on 08/24/2005]