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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ilovecats94, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Janet, this is to answer a post that was about Ace Inhibitors.

    I called the doctor's office today and left a message that I had my blood drawn last Thursday. That is what the doctor wanted me to do. I may have to wait until January to find out anything.

    The Ace Inhibitor is to protect the kidneys. The Glucophage is to help my sugar from the time I take my shot (10 PM) to the time I check my fasting (noon) and take a small amount of N and Humalog. I take 3 shots a day.

    I take 9 pills now and most all of them have diarrhea as a side effect. Mostly I have loose stools not actually diarrhea. But I can go 2 x a day and most days I do.

    The Lortab has been wonderful on helping this problem.

    Matt (son who lives with us) was on Prandin at one time. He is on insulin and the Glucophage. I think he only takes the Glucophage at night. I'll post to you when I find anything out.

    Wish some of this diabetes stuff would help the FMS if you know what I mean?

  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Thanks for the bump, Fivesue! :)
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Gosh, why will you have to wait until January to find out anything?!!!!

    My doc told me the same thing about the ace inhibitors--that they will protect the kidneys.

    He first put me on Altace, but it had me coughing all night long and I could not stand that! So he switched me to Diovan. It's called a ARB or something, but he guaranteed me that it did the same thing as an ace inhibitor regarding protecting the kidneys, etc.

    I am not having any problems with the Diovan.

    When I started going to the Endo, he took me off Amaryl and put me on Gluocophage, 500 mg. He said the Glucophage would help protect my heart.

    Also, the Prandin before meals. I don't know how much it is helping though, the Prandin and Glucophage.

    This morning (or noon when I got up), my fasting sugar was 147. I took 2 Prandin. Two hours after breakfast, my sugar was 207. But, then, I didn't feel like fixing myself anything for breakfast, so I had 2 cups of decaf coffee (no sugar) and 2 Suzy-Q snack cakes! I know the snack cakes are such a no-no, but I much rather have something like that for breakfast than make me something!

    When I go back to the Endo in mid-Nov, he is going to start me on the Byetta shots to help lose weight. Is the the shot that your husband took and he didn't like because of the nausea?

    What mg of Glucophage are you taking?

    I also take 45 mg of Actos, and 65 units of Lantus at night.

    And .... what mg of Prandin does Matt take, and does it help him?

    I agree with you ... I wish all of these diabetes meds would help the FMS somehow!

    Gotta run for now.

  5. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    First off, Matt (my son) doesn't take Prandin anymore. He is on insulin pens and the Glucophage.

    I go after my endo appointment and get blood drawn at Lab Corp. Well my endo sits on those tests until he sees me again 3 months later. That is just how he does it. I don't know why he wanted me to call his office about when I had the blood tests done, because I've heard nothing.

    This is just how he does things.

    So, at the moment I'm not on any Glucophage or Ace Inhibitor. I may not hear anything until I see him again end of January. Maybe my test results weren't that bad and that is why I haven't heard from him.

    My fasting this noon was 171, but I took some Humalog and N insulin and I would bet you that my sugar is now under 130.

    It was my son, Matt, who the endo put on Byetta shots. After a few days, he complained of his stomach hurting and stopped the Byetta without calling the endo. I put the Byetta pen in the refrigerator as I have a feeling the endo is going to make Matt take it again. If not, there is no harm done.

    I can't take the Byetta, because I'm on Reglan for gastroparesis. I wish I could take it.

    Janet, I'm under a lot of stress because my husband is very depressed and won't admit it or see a doctor about it. He spends most of his evenings sleeping in the recliner, afternoons too. It just stresses me out as I'm basically alone even if he is home.

    I'll let you know if I hear anything from my endo, which I doubt.

    Big hugs,
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Janet, I'm under a lot of stress because my husband is very depressed and won't admit it or see a doctor about it. He spends most of his evenings sleeping in the recliner, afternoons too. It just stresses me out as I'm basically alone even if he is home.

    Faye, the above paragraph that you wrote could have been written by me!!!!! My husband is also very depressed and won't admit it, and has so much anger built up inside about the reason he is depressed.

    I'll go into more detail tomorrow afternoon when I can get back on the computer. It's 12:30 am and I am sitting here nodding off and can't keep my eyes open. I'm going to bed now.

    Since I'm the only one at home, I am the one that my hubby vents at. It is very stressful.

    Big hugs, too!
  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Same for me, your post could have been written by me too.

    Now with hubby having a cold/cough, things are even worse here. Seems pain is always about HIM and never is a thought given about how I feel.

    I didn't get on the computer last night. I went to bed at 10 PM and slept until around 11:47 AM. Tomorrow my cleaning girl comes, so I have to get up around 10:30 AM. Probably won't be on the board tonight either.

    I have to go and wash my hair soon, but I'll be back on here for a little bit longer.

    Seems like we have more in common than just FMS/diabetes. ;-)

    Big hugs,
  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I don't know how old your husband is, but mine just turned 60, and you would think that he has one foot in the grave already! He is normally never sick, but arthritis is starting to get to him in his shoulders, hands, and knees.

    I can't believe that he has even told me that much. He is very quiet and doesn't talk much. Yeah, but when he has a cold, heaven forbid if you talk to him, don't have him anything to eat, don't have the heat set at the right temp, etc.!!! He's ready to die and he could care less on what shape I'm in!

    I was sooooooo angry at him last night, I could have kicked him out in the snow--if we only had some snow!!! I had to change the cat's litter box because I (note "I") had to get the garbage ready because Thursday morning is our garbage pickup day.

    Before I changed the litter, my daughter who lives out of town called. When she asked me how I felt, I started crying during the process of telling her--and DH heard our conversation and knew I was crying. Now later..... when I was sitting on our enclosed back porch changing the litter, he walked out to go outside to smoke. When he came back in, I asked him if he could get the broom (standing close by) and sweep up the litter that was spilled under her litter box.

    OMG, you would have thought I asked him to do brain surgery!!!! He started fussing about when he comes home from work, he is just completely worn out and not able to do a thing!! So, I sarcastically told him to just forget it, I would take care of everything, like normal. OOOHHHH!

    Sometimes I think ... why keep him around anyway!!! He won't talk and carry on a conversation, he won't help me around the house, he gives me no sympathy or comfort for being sick all my life, he goes to bed at dark (when the time changes, that will be at 6:30 pm) and then I have to keep the lights out and stay quiet all evening long, and I have an income!

    But ... I do love him, and he is not physically or emotional abusive ... we just have our normal bouts of fussing--like over the kitty liter .... and he's a great father.

    One of him major problems, like we said yesterday, is that he is very depressed. He will never admit to it -- he gets really angry if the kids or I suggest it. So, it goes untreated. The anger and problems that arise from his depression all are taken out on me, since I'm the only one at home, or on our only son when they are working together.

    I know you're not interested in his/our troubles, but I'll make the story short .... his depression arises from troubles with HIS family. They have basically stolen from him, and it was his older brother who all their lives were also best friends and he just can't believe that he would do this to him. My DH has 100 acres that is still in his father's name, but he is to inherit it, of timberland and his brother and sister (only sister and his other brother died) teamed up and had all the timber cut off of HIS land and sold it in their dad's name and they kept the money. Their dad is 90 and out of it. My hubby won't fight them because he doesn't want to end up hurting his dad.

    Anyway, there's a bunch of other family stuff going on and he just won't fight back. The brother and sister are taking advantage of the dad, and the mom would hand everything over to the sister and she doesn't care--she has her right mind though--but she says my husband has a good job and doesn't need anything and the other 2 do, even if they are stealing his timber, tools, etc. that he was to inherit. Oh well.

    Anyway ... same basis problem as you have. A DH who is depressed and won't admit it, refuses help or meds, and his moodiness is taken out on me .... which makes life really stressful ... never knowing what you say will set off a ticking time bomb!!!

    He knew I felt really bad yesterday, but did he ask me today if I felt any better? Why, no! Never. I could have placed a bet on that and would have won!! LOL

    I've been feeling really bad this week. Extra pain in places where it's normally not. Now, this morning I got up and had blood in my urine. Quite a bit, too. I also have a lot of pain in my ribcage area, but it's in the back and on my sides--if that makes sense. I can feel the pain when I breathe, but my lungs don't hurt.

    I'm calling the doctor Friday morning to see if I can get in to see if I have a bladder/kidney problem going on.

    You know, I think if we were next door neighbors, we would get along pretty good, seeing how many things we have in common!!!

    Hope your tongue has healed up by now! And ... have a good day Friday!

    Big Hugs, too!
  9. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    My husband is 52 and I am 55 and will be 56 next month.

    My husband complains about his knees a lot and I told him to try that supplement, you know the one a lot of people take for arthritis and joints. He won't take it and it was enough to get him to start on vitamins. The doc told him to. lol

    Yeah, I know the feeling. We have one litter box upstairs here in my office and Michael complains of having to carry it downstairs to change it. Then Biscuit (cat) has a litter box downstairs in the utility room, but that one is near the garage.

    Well because my husband has a cold, now my son, Matt has a cold. I've tried to be very careful washing my hands all the time, etc. But I felt like I was getting the flu tonight, so took a Lortab. Now I'm wide awake and can't sleep. Lortabs do that to me. Sure a lot of coughing going on here and no one has the manners to cover their mouth, which makes me mad.

    We get garbage done on Wednesday and hubby never did it until today. lol

    An atom bomb wouldn't wake my husband up. lol I'm in a completely different end of the house from our bedroom, plus the air cleaner is going on in there on high. I do have the TV on in here, but it is not loud.

    I have been so fed up that I have thought about divorce lately, but that is just thinking of it. I wouldn't go through with it, but the thought is in my mind when I feel like I have been emotionally abused by silence.

    Yesterday I asked him something and he didn't answer. I actually said to him "Is your hearing going on you too?" lol Then he answered me...

    My husband has a wonderful family. He has two step-sisters, but is not close to either one. We are both only children and I think that is the problem here.

    Like you said, my husband figures I will tell him something if it is important. But there have been times I didn't and he wouldn't even ask.

    I've had problems sleeping because of Michael coughing recently. Now it is Matt coughing and I surely don't want to get that cold.

    If you had blood in your urine, do you have Cystitis? You should definitely see your doc about that to have a urinalysis done. I just went through this myself in September and I normally run a temp of 97.3 and my temp was 101.3 and I didn't even realize it. I never drink hot drinks only cold ones.

    Believe it or not, but my tongue is still bothering me, but not as much. I think about 2 more days it will be okay. I should learn my lesson from that.

    Surely hope you will feel better and that your hubby will carry the slack on chores while you get better. All I got when I was sick was Michael to help me make up the bed. I usually do that by myself in the mornings a bit after I have gotten up and taken my meds.

    Let me know what the doctor says when you see him tomorrow.

    We are going to have to find new family docs as the United Healthcare is the only insurance we will be able to get for 2006. We just got the info today in the mail. That is fine with me as I like that insurance. Don't need referrals when I see my endo every 3 months.

    Just hate to start over with a new doc who may or may not believe in FMS.

    I wish we could talk to each other in private. But I've never tried to go into the chat room before. I know we aren't allowed to exchange our Yahoo addys, so the only way to do that is to go into a private chat room they say.

    Take care of yourself and feel better!

    Big hugs,

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